Recap of The Walking Dead comic book issue 187: The Road Back

Rick and Michonne - The Walking Dead issue 187 - Image Comics and Skybound
Rick and Michonne - The Walking Dead issue 187 - Image Comics and Skybound /

What happened in issue 187 of The Walking Dead comics? Here is the full recap of events from the January 2019 issue titled “The Road Back”.

Last month’s issue of The Walking Dead comics reminded readers that anything can happen in the pages of each monthly release. Surprises and shocking moments have left the jaws of fans on the ground on many occasions, but it is hard to know when the drama will strike and just how powerful it will be.

With issue 187 released on Jan. 5, 2019, there were a lot of questions as to what would happen following the insane events from the previous issue and where this leaves all the survivors involved.

Those questions are answered with the issue 187. Here is everything that happened in the issue.


The issue opens with Pamela Milton addressing the people of The Commonwealth. She says there are tensions in the community and their fears were confirmed: an attempt was taken on her life but Rick Grimes was able to save her.

She fingered Dwight as the individual who made the attempt, stating that he was disturbed and not everyone from Rick’s group shares his feelings. She then introduced Rick to speak to the crowd.

Rick says he knows there is a division among The Commonwealth’s population and he wants any animosity to be resolved in a peaceful manner. Mercer watches on, not quite cheering on the speeches he has heard.

Mercer and the people of The Commonwealth - The Walking Dead issue 187 - Image Comics and Skybound
Mercer and the people of The Commonwealth – The Walking Dead issue 187 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Back in Alexandria, Magna has called for Siddiq. She says she would like him to return to The Commonwealth because she is concerned about the people there. Feeling the group should have returned by now, she asks him to gather a few people from The Hilltop to accompany him on the journey. Siddiq agrees to leave immediately.

Mercer returned to his apartment in The Commonwealth to find Princess there. She says she busted in to get some things she left there. Confused, Mercer asks if she’s leaving and learns she needs to get away from the conflict. He understands her reasoning but asks for a better explanation.

Princess sits Mercer down and explains that she has endured a rough life. Her dad left her and her mother when she was ten years old and she remarried a man with a son. The stepdad and son would tie her up and lock her in a closet, leaving her there for hours with her sometimes peeing her pants. Then, they would take turns beating her.

Saying she doesn’t mind being alone, Princess says that was her life until the apocalypse. Seeing Mercer as a good man and a hero was what drew her to him. She wants to look at the bright side of things and not fall into darkness. And she worries about that happening at The Commonwealth. Mercer tried again to get her to stay, but his offer was once again refused.

At The Hilltop, Sophia is talking to Joshua. She is discussing how Maggie feels like her mother now and she barely remembers her real mom. Joshua thinks it’s cool that she’s the daughter of the person who runs the place while Sophia apologizes for getting a little dark on their first date. Joshua says his family was going to wear skin masks to survive, so he knows some things about hard living. The two continue walking and talking.

Sophia - The Walking Dead issue 187 - Image Comics and Skybound
Sophia – The Walking Dead issue 187 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Carl spots them outside his window and Lydia asks why he is smiling. He says he’s happy for Sophia, but Lydia’s insecurity pops up and she asks him if she loves her. He says he loves her as a friend, but not like he loves Lydia. He continues to explain what he’s been through with Sophia but how he relates to Lydia because they’re both monsters. Taking this the wrong way, Lydia is upset to be called a monster and storms out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

In The Commonwealth, Mercer is letting out his frustration on walkers. He knocks them out left and right, working himself tired until Tara shoots one in the head. She asks if everything is okay, adding that they are likely upset about the same things and could put their frustrations to some use.
Michonne meets up with Rick at the cafe. She apologizes for the situation she put him in, admitting she made a mistake. Rick is still hung up on losing Dwight, but Michonne sits down to keep talking. She says Dwight was a loose cannon and his rogue actions shouldn’t be taken out on her.
Rick apologizes, but adds that a man is dead. Michonne says he was well beyond his third strike and that Dwight’s death was inevitable. He tries to explain what is at stake in their relationship with The Commonwealth and how much pressure he is already feeling to make the right decisions. Michonne understands and some common ground is found.

Siddiq has arrived at The Hilltop. He caught them off guard but they allow him entry. Once inside, he talks to Maggie and explains Magna’s plan. She agrees and offers to send anyone who volunteers to The Commonwealth. At the same time, Aaron and Jesus agree to make the trip. Dante also offers to go. With that group in place, Maggie agrees to keep it simple.

As they are about to leave, Carl offers to go. He says if his dad might be in trouble, that he should go. Maggie disagrees and says he should stay. However, Carl says she’d have to tie him up to keep him from going and she finally agrees to let him make the trip.

Lydia arrives to discover Carl is leaving. Before he goes, he explains why he saw them as monsters and why others might see them that way as well. Plus, how they make each other better and how he has changed in many ways thanks to her.

Guards from The Commonwealth - The Walking Dead issue 187 - Image Comics and Skybound
Guards from The Commonwealth – The Walking Dead issue 187 – Image Comics and Skybound /

Back at The Commonwealth, the soldiers are in the locker room following a hard day of work. Mercer asks why they continue to work so hard to protect Milton and elite of the community at their own expense. He adds that he doesn’t understand why they allow them to stay in power. They could find new leaders. Better leaders. And it could be a quick and peaceful transition.

However, the entire conversation was overheard by Lance Hornsby, who says that Governor Milton will be very disappointed in him as the issue comes to a close.

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Were the events of The Walking Dead issue 187 anywhere near what you thought they would be? And what do you think is next for Mercer and The Commonwealth? Let us know in the comments section!