Five predictions for The Walking Dead issue 188: Falling Into Place

The Walking Dead issue 188 cover - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 188 cover - Image Comics and Skybound /

Issue 188 of The Walking Dead comics titled “Falling Into Place” will be coming out in February 2019 and here are five predictions for the upcoming issue.

A new issue of The Walking Dead comics will be released on Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019 and will continue the story of the survivors from Alexandria and its surrounding communities as they interact with the people from the Commonwealth.

Things aren’t good there right now. There have been death, riots, drama, and more and the people are feeling oppressed by their leadership, who have been praising Rick Grimes and the outsiders but not helping their own people.

Issue 188 of the popular comic book series should keep things rolling with surprises and set up a big clash at the Commonwealth. But here are five predictions for the issue:

  1. Mercer struggles with his situation. With the Commonwealth struggling, Mercer rallying against Pamela, and Princess leaving, the soldier struggles to find his place in the community. When given the opportunity he sneaks away.
  2. The group goes after Mercer (and Princess). Of course, when Mercer gets away, there had to be people going after him. A mixture of individuals from Rick’s group and the Commonwealth make the trek to find them.
  3. Rick and Pamela see eye to eye for now. They may not agree on everything, but Pamela has Rick a bit smitten after she honored him at the town hall meeting. But how long will he be charmed by this gesture before he realizes how bad everything is.
  4. Michonne and Elodie have a fight. Elodie and her friends are firmly against the oppression they’ve seen at The Commonwealth while Michonne can’t take that stance since she has to defend the upper class and is supplied a home and income by them. That brings a small conflict.
  5. The division grows. It isn’t just Michonne, Elodie, and Mercer who are caught up in the divide. There have been many individuals impacted by the beatdown of a survivor and the death of Dwight. Even without those incidents, things weren’t good and that town hall meeting didn’t help.

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What do you think will happen in issue 188 of The Walking Dead comics? And how many of these predictions for “Falling Into Place” do you think will actually come true? Let us know in the comments section!