The Walking Dead is casting right now for filming in the spring

- The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
- The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

If you think you have what it takes to survive in the apocalypse or to play one of the undead on The Walking Dead here’s how you can try out.

As season 9B of The Walking Dead gets ready to kick off the show is actively seeking actors for filming March in the Atlanta area. According to Backstage The Walking Dead is looking for African-American, Latin, or Asian women between the ages of 18-50 who are athletic and have some set experience and ideally some experience with SPFX makeup or prosthetics. This is a paid gig that will be filming March 12-22nd. You can apply here.

Because the ad specifically mentions SPFX makeup and prosthetics it’s possible that they are casting walkers or they could be casting for some of the Whisperers. The Whisperers have technically already arrived on the show, one of them killed Jesus in the mid-season finale. But the reveal of how big the Whisperers group really is and the first meeting between Whisperers leader Alpha and the survivors are coming in season 9B.

If the show follows the comic the Whisperers will be the Big Bad for probably at least another half season, and possibly a whole season. The Whisperer War may not drag on as long as All Out War but Alpha, Beta, and the Whisperers are going to keep Michonne, Daryl, Carol, and the survivors in all of the communities occupied for the foreseeable future so the show could be casting for some women to play some of the human skin mask wearing villains.

The Whisperers Backstory

The Walking Dead never revealed too much about the Saviors and their history or how Negan took control of the group. There were a few offhand comments made here and there but the story of how they become the dominant power never really was discussed. It was be interesting if they take the time to show the backstory of the Whisperers because they are such an interesting group.

It seems like the show is going to keep the Whisperers backstory fairly close to the comic which means that the Whisperers are a pack like group of predators who do have a camp but primarily move among the walkers. If the show plans on taking an inside look at where the Whisperers live they will need a lot more Whisperers to fill out the community. Filming is soon so get your applications in!

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In the meantime you can watch the Whisperers story arc come to life when The Walking Dead returns on February 10th.