Reader compares The Walking Dead comic character to Scrappy Doo

Princess - The Walking Dead issue 180 - Image Comics and Skybound
Princess - The Walking Dead issue 180 - Image Comics and Skybound /

Sometimes character comparisons can be interesting, but seeing an individual from The Walking Dead comics compared to Scrappy Doo seems harsh.

Creating characters for a comic book or television show can be a massive challenge. Even for a hit property like The Walking Dead, a well-intended character can rub people the wrong way and be annoying or over the top.

In issue189 of comic book series, a fan wrote in to let Robert Kirkman and Sean Mackiewicz that a recently debuted character isn’t quite meeting their expectations despite being an upbeat and positive voice in a dark word.

Here is the comment shared by Ralph from England in the Letter hacks section of the March 2019 issue of The Walking Dead.

"“Still lovin’ the series after all these years, but…Princess…Jeeezus! Am I the only one who hasn’t taken to this oddball character?? She reminds me of when Scrappy Doo turned up and f***ed up my favourite cartoon…”"

Mackiewicz jumped to the defense of Scrappy Doo, quoting the show and jokingly playing off the criticism.

"“There’s people that DON’T like Scrappy Doo?! Lemme at ’em!”"

Meanwhile, Robert Kirkman confessed his love for scrappy do and welcomed the comparison made by Ralph, even adding a nice joke which fans of the Flintstones will enjoy.

"“As a kid, I LOVED Scrappy Doo…Does that make you all uncomfortable? In issue 200, we’re going to introduce a goofy, floating green alien that only Rick can see!!!”"

Later in the Letter Hacks, Maggie from Bulgaria wrote in to say how much she thinks Princess is underrated and is a fun and refreshing character for the comic book series. Mackiewicz took this opportunity to throw back to the earlier reference.

"“She’s 1000% the Scrappy Doo of this comic, and we couldn’t be prouder.”"

It’s easy to see how some readers might not like Princess. Her hyper nature, affectionate ways, and positivity can seem out of place in a comic about death and disaster. However, the contrast is also interesting and watching her interact with other characters can be both awkward and amusing.

Still, Princess seems to find her own niche in the comics which hadn’t really been tapped into before. She’s a truly unique character which means the bold attempt to create a new character with her characteristics was bound to be polarizing.

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Hopefully, Princess can stick around for a while in The Walking Dead comics and convert those who aren’t quite fans of hers in the series. And even if she doesn’t change their minds, it’s fine to not like a character in something you enjoy since there are plenty of other characters to enjoy!

And, as always, you can get issues of the comics at your local comic shop or digitally on Comixology!