The Walking Dead Comic Book Stor-Folios now available from Skybound

The Walking Dead comic logo - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead comic logo - Image Comics and Skybound /

Fans of The Walking Dead comic books looking for a great way to display their issues can pick up some stunning Stor-Folios on the Skybound shop!

Storing comic books can be a hassle for collectors or casual fans. Most of the time, they just end up in a cardboard box while bagged and boarded and closed away from view. Thankfully, there is a now a pretty cool way to show off your The Walking Dead comic collection.

Recently released on the Skybound Shop, three Stor-Folios are available to not only keep your precious issues safe from damage and light but also display your love for the Image Comics and Skybound releases.

Each Stor-Folio features artwork from the comic book series and features a magnetic flap which opens to hold space for 15 bagged and boarded comics or 20 loose issues. Here are the designs available:

  • Negan – Based on the variant cover of Here’s Negan as well as issue 100, Negan is looking up with Lucille on his shoulder and his hand on his hip, seemingly proud of what he has done. The background is mostly black, which is a nice contrast to the other designs.
  • Rick – Another issue 100 variant, this Stor-Folio shows Rick with his back to the reader with a large number of other characters who were lost along the way laying at his feet. This item is mostly gray.
  • Survivors – Rick and Michonne fight against the undead in the only full-color release of the bunch. It opens to reveal Dwight and Negan and walkers on the inside. This will likely be a collector favorite.

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Priced at $15 each, The Walking Dead Stor-Folios should hit an audience which has a nice collection of comic books and wants to show them off in a fun and entertaining way. Be sure to pick yours up on the Skybound shop!