5 predictions for The Walking Dead issue 190: Storm The Gates

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Issue 190 of The Walking Dead comic book series is coming in April 2019 and here are five predictions for what will happen in “Storm The Gates”.

The way issue 189 of The Walking Dead ended, it was clear that something big is brewing at the Commonwealth and Rick Grimes is stuck in the middle of it in his attempts to keep order while facilitating change.

The Apr. 3, 2019 issue of the comics titled “Storm The Gates” will pick up where that issue left off and just about anything can happen when people are riled up and there has been a lot of drama happening with nearly every survivor involved.

Although there is no way of knowing what happens until issue 190 of The Walking Dead comics is released, here are five predictions for things that will happen in this issue based only on what has been happening and the preview panels which were released:

  1. Eugene and Stephanie think they shook the undead. In the last issue, the duo was able to escape from a locked train car surrounded by the undead using a fire extinguisher and left to return to the Commonwealth. They will think they have left the walkers in the dust, but they won’t realize they have blazed a trail leading them to the Commonwealth.
  2. MIchonne is in a tough spot. Elodie and her friends jump to join the revolution and she expects Michonne to be by her side. However, that means her mother will need to choose between her good life working for Pamela and sticking up for the oppressed commoners. Eventually, she will side with her family.
  3. Tara continues to push for chaos. A catalyst in getting the uprising going by planning Mercer’s jailbreak, she will reveal herself to be the one pushing the soldiers to fight back against the leadership of the Commonwealth. This will surprise Rick, as he has already been forced to kill Dwight for doing the same thing.
  4. Carl stays by his dad’s side. Rick has been speaking highly of Carl and the group which came from the Hilltop to make sure everything is okay and his son will want to continue to make his father proud while also being able to look after him considering the craziness in the streets.
  5. Rick becomes the target. When Rick tells Mercer and the others that he helped Pamela and the others escape and have taken them somewhere safe, it will enrage everyone looking for a revolution. They will demand to know where she has been taken and even point their weapons at him demanding to be told.

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Those are five predictions for issue 190 of The Walking Dead comics. What do you think will happen in “Storm The Gates” and will any of the five things listed above actually be on the pages of the Apr. 2019 issue? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.