Recap of The Walking Dead issue 190: Storm The Gates

Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead issue 190 - Image Comics and Skybound
Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead issue 190 - Image Comics and Skybound /

What happened in issue 190 of The Walking Dead titled “Storm The Gates”? Here is a full recap of events from the April 2019 installment of the comics!

With chaos ensuing at the Commonwealth, the Hilltop sending help, and a group of walkers near the community, things are heating up for Rick Grimes as he tries to keep Mercer and the people from staging a revolution in The Walking Dead comics.

Issue 190 continued that story dealt with several of the threats, but also kicked things up to a whole new level of intensity. Released on Apr. 3, 2019, “Storm The Gates” was surprising in many ways and important in others.

But what happened in the issue? Here is the full recap of events from the comic.

**NOTE: Spoilers from issue 190 of The Walking Dead comics below**

The issue kicks off with Mercer talking to Rick. He says Pamela likes him because he’s the leader of Alexandria and she thinks of him as being one of the elite, adding that he isn’t like her though since he cares about people.

Soldiers at the Commonwealth have been asked to do some pretty crazy and dangerous things. Mercer explains that Pamela acts like people are expendable and there is no trust anymore. And that must change.

Mercer says that if Rick takes charge that the people will follow. However, Rick can’t accept that position because the people there don’t really know him. Changing leadership will take more time and it shouldn’t happen like this. Time is one thing Mercer says they don’t have.

Outside the Commonwealth, Eugene and Stephanie have arrived on a big hill overlooking the community. Seeing the smoke rising, Stephanie realizes that the revolution has begun and the overthrowing of the government there is happening. Unsure whether that’s a good or bad thing, the two start their trip into the city.

Running down the street, Michonne is desperate to find Elodie. One of the soldiers directs her to return to her home but she is set on finding her daughter. The soldier says he will look the other way out of appreciation, but she must be quick.

Michonne and a soldier from the Commonwealth - Image Comics and Skybound
Michonne and a soldier from the Commonwealth – Image Comics and Skybound /

She is let into a garden level apartment were several citizens have firearms, including Elodie, and they are ready to fight. Michonne takes Elodie’s gun and says that she isn’t losing her like that. Directing the girls not to leave the apartment, she leaves with the gun back into the streets.

Meanwhile, Eugene and Stephanie realize that the massive group of walkers has followed them from the train. Despite them being quiet during their escape, Eugene believes they followed the smoke from the explosion at the Commonwealth. They run into the community to warn others.

Back inside the community, Lance Hornsby is being taken into custody. Rick says they can call for Pamela and try to negotiate some kind of peaceful resolution. However, it draws no response from Mercer.

Eugene and Stephanie are being held back by guards but still manage to draw Rick’s attention. After being allowed in, he explains there is a herd of walkers nearby numbering at least a thousand closing in. With no guards on watch, they were able to be undetected.

Michonne finds Carl and the group from the Hilltop in an alley. She is relieved to see them and they find Rick in the streets. He directs everyone to get inside because of the undead closing in, but Michonne wants to get back to Elodie, which Rick allows. Entering a building and barricading the door, Mercer, Rick, and the people from the Hilltop hope they can wait it out and the walkers will pass.

Walkers approach - The Walking Dead issue 190 - Image Comics and Skybound
Walkers approach – The Walking Dead issue 190 – Image Comics and Skybound /

In the streets, a plan to draw the walkers away has been put into place. Maggie has arrived and will lead a charge along with Magna and Yumiko to draw the herd away from the Commonwealth in hopes of keeping losses to a minimum.

Watching from the window, Lance is impressed that the horde is going the opposite way. Rick directs him to get away from the window so he doesn’t draw the attention of the undead. Plus, he says that horn belongs to their people, and he is confident they can take care of the problem as long as everyone stays put and is quiet.

Mercer is wondering what happens after the walkers leave. Rick says he will call for Pamela and open dialogue will begin. Unsure if Pamela will talk, Mercer asks what will happen if she isn’t willing to change. Rick says they will make her talk.

With a majority of the walkers out, the strays are left in the streets. Mercer gets his men ready to take action and eliminate the threat. Rick agrees to let this happen since their armor is perfect for the situation. However, they join in the fight anyway to help out Mercer and his men.

Mercer and soldiers from the Commonwealth - Image Comics and Skybound
Mercer and soldiers from the Commonwealth – Image Comics and Skybound /

Together, they are clearing out the walkers while Michonne and those from the apartment emerge with their weapons. She instructs the girls to stab and move and be sure not to get surrounded…and if they can’t handle it to get back inside.

Working together, they clear the streets. Maggie, Magna, and Yumiko’s group return with the wagon to find the strays taken care of. Saying she came on a hunch, Maggie is thanked by Rick and welcomes her to the Commonwealth.

Surprisingly, Pamela and her group arrive with soldiers. She says she isn’t blind to what has been happening and their plans won’t work. Blaming Rick for conspiring with Mercer to get her out of the Commonwealth, she exclaims that his army arriving proves they were in cahoots.

Shocked, Rick tries to explain that he is trying to keep their group together but she isn’t willing to listen to him. With Rick’s group and the people of the Commonwealth on one side standing against Pamela and the army of Greenville, things get tense as she orders her troops to attack!

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Were you shocked by the events from issue 190 of The Walking Dead comics? And what do you think will happen now that Pamela sees Rick as a threat instead of an ally? Fans will have to wait until May to find out.