The Walking Dead: Our World nominated for three Webby Awards

The Walking Dead: Our World - Next Games and AMC
The Walking Dead: Our World - Next Games and AMC /

The popular zombie-slaying augmented reality mobile game The Walking Dead: Our World has received three nominations at the Webby Awards.

This has been a rough year for video games based on The Walking Dead. With the games from Telltale Games coming to an end and the absolute disaster that was the effort from OVERKILL, things have been tough for gamers.

However, one place where gaming is still going strong for the franchise is on mobile devices, where Road to Survival and No Man’s Land have dominated the competition in the past. However, the arrival of The Walking Dead: Our World has added another impressive game to the list.

In fact, the game has been so impressive in using augmented reality to provide fans with a zombie-slaying experience including characters from the popular AMC drama series that it has been nominated for three Webby Awards, as shared on the show’s official Twitter account:

Here are the categories where Our World has been nominated for a Webby Award:

  • Technical Achievement
  • Best Use of Augmented Reality
  • Best Game Design

Fans can vote for the Webby Award winners on their official website, which includes voting for several other online categories including ones for websites, advertising, apps, socials, podcasts, and more in hopes of their favorite winning.

In addition, those who haven’t given The Walking Dead: Our World a chance can download the game on Android using THIS LINK and on the Apple App Store using THIS LINK. However, those familiar with the game and who play regularly likely already know what the game has to offer.

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Congratulations to The Walking Dead: Our World on earning three nominations at the 23rd Annual People’s Voice Webby Awards where voting is open until April 18, 2019! Best of luck to them in all three categories!