5 predictions for The Walking Dead comic issue 191: The Last Stand

Preview panels for The Walking Dead issue 191 - Image Comics and Skybound
Preview panels for The Walking Dead issue 191 - Image Comics and Skybound /

What will happen in issue 191 of The Walking Dead comic book series? Here are five predictions for the May 2019 issue titled “The Last Stand”.

Tension has reached intense levels at the Commonwealth in last month’s issue of The Walking Dead, where a showdown between Pamela Milton with her army is going up against Rick Grimes and the people fighting for change.

With the May 2019 installment of the popular Image Comics and Skybound publication less than a week away, fans have to be curious what will happen in the issue titled “The Last Stand” when it hits comic book shops on May 1.

Here are five things that could happen in issue 191 of The Walking Dead comics based only on events from the previous issues, the cover art, and the three-panel preview released by Image Comics:

  1. Hesitating to attack. Last month’s issue ended with Pamela instructing the soldiers from Greenville to attack survivors from Rick’s group and those defecting from the Commonwealth, but that won’t happen. The army will be confused, with some refusing to attack their own people.
  2. Sebastian pushes the issue. Young mister Milton will be furious that the soldiers won’t do as ordered, going on a rant about how RIck had intended the entire time on pushing the people of the Commonwealth to rebel against his family and the community they oppressing.
  3. Rick continues to try to explain his situation. Despite being skilled in speaking with other leaders, his words will fall on deaf ears when he attempts to get Pamela to believe that he had no intention on causing this situation. Even though it is true, she will be set in doing whatever it takes to get her community and her people back.
  4. Maggie is not impressed. As someone who didn’t trust Pamela from the start, Maggie won’t be able to resist telling her off. She will be sure to mention that her instincts were right and that what they are doing is not only putting her in danger, but the lives of everyone involved from multiple communities.
  5. No chance. The issue will come to an end with those revolting against the leadership of the commonwealth surrounding Pamela and telling her that what she is doing is wrong. Even the soldiers from Greenville will be there after being persuaded by Mercer that it is not in their best interests.

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What looks like could be an explosive issue will instead be a lot of dialogue. However, issue 191 of The Walking Dead will instead put the leadership of the Commonwealth back up for grabs after Pamela Milton is removed from power.