Why is diplomacy always up to Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead comics?

Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead issue 189 - Image Comics and Skybound
Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead issue 189 - Image Comics and Skybound /

Rick Grimes has been in the middle of many conflicts in The Walking Dead comics. However, he’s usually standing alone when it comes to trying to find peace.

The world of The Walking Dead comics is full of many characters. While many of the individuals are friendly and just looking to survive the zombie apocalypse, others are looking for power or resources to fuel their own agenda.

Often times, when Rick’s group has been put in danger, he needed to step up and do whatever it took to make sure the ones he cares about are safe and secure while not putting his community in danger.

Sadly, this role has followed Rick Grimes since the early days of comic book series, where he was forced to try to work with bloodthirsty villains like The Governor, Negan, and Alpha in the past to keep the peace, it’s disappointing how few people work with him to accomplish those goals.

Often times, personal agendas even make Rick’s job more difficult. Like in the current situation involving Dwight and Tara at the Commonwealth, problems which may be able to be resolved are sometimes made much more difficult by the same people Rick is trying to protect.

Saying that Rick is a leader is actually a bit of an understatement. He is a diplomat, an inspiration, a protector, and a voice of reason all in one person. For most survivors, that role would be severely overwhelming and cause mental breakdowns, but that hasn’t been the case for Mr. Grimes.

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It would be nice to see more survivors help Rick in negotiating peace for his people whenever a threat approaches, but that seems like something that can’t really happen in The Walking Dead comics. Unifying the people of those communities together in one voice would be amazing, but Rick will need to continue playing all these roles until things change for the survivors in the zombie apocalypse.