Zombies, Stefano Gaudiano, invading DC Comics with ‘DCeased’ miniseries

DCeased #1 cover by Greg Capullo. Photo: DC Comics
DCeased #1 cover by Greg Capullo. Photo: DC Comics /

Stefano Gaudiano is well known to fans of The Walking Dead comics, and now he’s helping to bring zombies to the DC Comics universe in DCeased.

Move over, Rick Grimes. It’s time for Batman and Superman to face off against zombies in the newest miniseries from DC Comics: DCeased. This all-new story comes courtesy of writer Tom Taylor with art from Trevor Hairsine and The Walking Dead’s Stefano Gaudiano.

Fans of The Walking Dead comics will recognize Gaudiano’s work, as he has been working on the comic since Volume 20 was released. Given his experience drawing zombies in The Walking Dead universe, Gaudiano was a natural choice to join Taylor on this exciting new project. Gaudiano is no stranger to DC Comics, having worked on titles like Gotham Central and Infinity Inc.

The concept for DCeased is intriguing: Supervillain Darkseid unleashes a “techno-virus” that causes 600 million people around the world to become infected with something that turns them into mindless, incredibly violent killing machines. There’s no cure in sight and there was no warning before it happened, so the DC heroes are at a loss for what to do. It doesn’t help that their own loved ones are at risk, too, making this a very personal fight to protect the rest of the population and keep them from turning into zombies.

DCeased #1 variant cover by Francesco Mattina. Photo: DC Comics
DCeased #1 variant cover by Francesco Mattina. Photo: DC Comics /

One of the best aspects of the new series is the collection of variant covers that will be available. Yasmin Putri’s It-inspired variant for the first issue features Robin on his knees with the Joker standing before him with a balloon, looking all too much like Pennywise and poor little Georgie. The second variant, from Francesco Mattina, features Batman as a zombie. It’s downright chilling.

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DCeased is a miniseries that will publish monthly, beginning with DCeased #1, which arrives in comic shops on May 1.