Ups and Downs from issue 191 of The Walking Dead comics

The Walking Dead issue 191 - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 191 - Image Comics and Skybound /

What were the best and worst parts of The Walking Dead comic issue 191 titled “The Last Stand” which was released on May 1, 2019?

So, at this point, there are two types of people in the world: those who have read issue 191 of The Walking Dead comics and those who have no clue what is in store for them when they do pick up the issue.

To say that the May 2019 issue is a game changer might be putting it all lightly. With everything happening at the Commonwealth something big was bound to happen, the only question was what it would be.

Let’s take a look at things that happened in issue 191 of The Walking Dead comics. However, it highly advised that you have read the issue or at least READ THE RECAP before continuing.

**NOTE: Spoilers for TWD issue 191 below**

The good stuff

  • Greenville’s hesitation. It’s nice to see that Greenville’s army didn’t mindlessly attack their own people. As soon as they didn’t advance, it was obvious Pamela’s poorly thought out plan would fail and it would give Rick another opportunity to appeal to people’s senses.
  • Sebastian is consistent. Based on his response after the soldiers refused to attack their own people, it was clear he wasn’t happy. Well, he expressed just how unhappy he was by breaking into Rick’s bedroom and pointing a gun at him.
  • Pamela accepting her fate. It’s interesting to note that although Pamela has been sarcastic since being detained, she knows she can’t fight back against the people. She played it smart and is watching how things will unfold before doing anything too drastic.

The bad stuff

  • Rick is badly wounded. Recovering from a gunshot wound like that would be highly improbable unless he can get help URGENTLY. With this happening in the middle of the night with only Sebastian there, the odds of Rick’s survival decreases drastically.
  • That’s corny. I get that showing homage to a previously iconic panel in the history of the comic series is great, but shoving in “We are NOT the walking dead!” in this speech felt out-of-place and impersonal. Save it for more meaningful interaction.
  • Michonne suggesting Rick lead the Commonwealth. Rick would never leave Alexandria permanently unless he has to. With so many family and friends there as well as the graves of others he loved, there is too much there to fight for. While he would be good for the job, he would never do it.

Interesting stuff

  • Following him around. When the story started to move away from the streets and follow Rick around without looking at anyone else, it was pretty obvious that something was going to happen, the only question was what it would be.
  • The Grimes Sitcom. The conversation between Carl and Rick felt a little forced in this issue, but it makes sense to include it knowing what was coming next. Plus, how eerie are the words “Goodnight, dad” now? Poor Carl…
  • Guarding the wrong house. The fact that Mercer didn’t employ any of his own people to watch after Rick is a bit confusing, especially after the conversation about Pamela. There were bound to be some people who didn’t like change in the group, and leaving him vulnerable proved to be a mistake.

Overall, this was a big issue with a lot happening, but there were also times where it felt like Rick’s speech deviated a bit far from the situation or the story flowed in a rather unnatural pace. That said, this is still a memorable issue with the shift in power at the Commonwealth…and of course, that MASSIVE cliffhanger where Rick’s life appears to be a danger.

It was powerful, but not great.


What were your favorite and least favorite parts from issue 191 of The Walking Dead? And what grade would you give “The Last Stand” out of 10? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!