Blank variant cover coming for The Walking Dead issue 192

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Fans looking to get their hands on variant covers for issue 192 of The Walking Dead will want to get their hands on the blank version coming in June 2019.

As if readers of The Walking Dead comics weren’t worried enough about what is coming in issue 192, the announcement of an upcoming variant should move the level of concern up a couple of notches.

Recently, Bleeding Cool spoke about the upcoming variant, sharing that the fact this issue is getting the blank variant treatment might not be a great sign for what is to come in the June issue of the comic book series.

They reminded fans that only four issues of the comics have gotten this treatment in the past, and many of those have been massive installments in the story. Here are those issues:

  • #100 – The brutal death of Glenn
  • #109 – The group discovers that Kal is a traitor
  • #115 – The start of All-Out War
  • #150 – A joint military is formed after Morton Rose and Vincent attack Rick

It’s been 42 issues since a blank variant has been issued, that means it has been approximately three and a half years since this type of cover has been issued. The question of why this decision has been made will be on the mind of readers until the comic is released and fans have given it a read.

The hope is that something can be done to help out Rick Grimes considering the situation he was left in at the end of issue 191, however when considering the scope of what happened, when it happened, and who it happened around, odds aren’t looking great.

Even Robert Kirkman got in on the tease about what will happen in the supersized issue coming in June on his own Twitter account.

Yes, Mr. Kirkman. It is already a big deal.

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Make sure to hit up your local comic book shop and order a blank variant as soon as possible in order to make sure you can get one. While you’re at it, try to get a first print issue of The Walking Dead issue 191 with the standard cover as well…just in case.