The Walking Dead comics losing inker Stefano Gaudiano

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One of the most amazing things about The Walking Dead comics is the artwork, which may look a little different starting in issue 193 of the series.

Issue 192 marks the end of an era for The Walking Dead comics. The reason for that distinction doesn’t only lie with the storyline going forward but with the presentation of the story on the pages of future issues.

It was revealed in the Letter Hacks section of the June 2019 issue that it would be the final issue featuring inking from Stefano Gaudiano, who had been working with artist Charlie Adlard to create the beautiful images featured inside each installment of the series.

Guadiano started inking for The Walking Dead with issue 115. At that time, he joined the team to help out Charlie Adlard since the series was coming out every two weeks and the All-Out War storyline was in full effect.

When production went back to a monthly basis, Guadiano stayed on and became the regular inker for the series. However, he will be moving on to other projects and Charlie Adlard will pick back up the inking duties.

Robert Kirkman discussed the upcoming change in issue 192:

“He never missed a deadline and often beat them. He never had a bad thing to say and it was a great working experience. So really…I’m sad to see him go. We all are.”

The transition from Gaudiano to Adlard as an inker should be a smooth one with subtle differences in technique and style. Visually, issues should be inked more in the style which was seen in issue 114 and those which preceded it.

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It should be highly advised that lovers of comics keep their eyes peeled for any upcoming projects from Stefano Gaudiano. His work in The Walking Dead comics has been appreciated for several years and now the series will be going back to its roots.