More bloodshed teased on the cover of The Walking Dead issue 195

The Walking Dead comic logo - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead comic logo - Image Comics and Skybound /

As if there hasn’t been enough death in the world of The Walking Dead lately, the cover for issue 195 teases that blood isn’t done flowing quite yet.

The comic book world is still reeling from the loss of a major character in recent issues of The Walking Dead comics. And while big losses can be painful, the series must go on each month as scheduled.

Initial fan concerns were that issue 200 of the series would be a game-changing issue, but in typical fashion with the comics, surprises weren’t saved for a time that would be most convenient for milestone issues.

If the cover for issue 195 of the series is any tease for what is coming in September, it looks like readers might be in store for some more death in the future. Take a look at the cover as shared on the Facebook account of The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard:

Cover art from The Walking Dead issue 195 - Image Comics and Skybound
Cover art from The Walking Dead issue 195 – Image Comics and Skybound /

The sword sticking through this man’s chest looks very familiar. In fact, it has the very similar if not the exact design of the one used by Michonne before she relinquished it to Rick to prove her trust in the Commonwealth.

Since Michonne doesn’t have the sword and it could be in the hands of just about anyone, the identity of the individual using it as a murder weapon will be extremely challenging. Plus, guessing who the person being impaled is difficult as well.

At first glance, it is thought it could be Negan. It hits all the major markings to be him, but covers would never reveal something so major. Sebastian is another guess, but his hair isn’t right and he should be safely locked in a cell at the Commonwealth. Other great options are Lance Hornsby, Dante,

The minimalist design of the covers is reminiscent of issue 85, which features a crouching Rick Grimes against a black background. However, this over is even more ominous because of all the mystery surrounding it.

The titled of the issue is appropriate as well. “The Swordsman Strikes” hints that the cover isn’t just a metaphor, but that something will actually happen involving the blade. And that thought should be confirmed by the synopsis.

"“It’s the end of the line… FOR SOMEONE.”"

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Watch for issue 195 of The Walking Dead comics when it is released on Sept. 4, 2019 to find out more about what is going on with this “swordsman” and why they are doing this to someone in the zombie apocalypse.