The Walking Dead comic artist moving on from drawing zombies

Charlie Adlard spent 15 years drawing zombies for The Walking Dead comics and is ready to take on some new challenges in his career as an artist.

For 15 years, fans enjoyed watching Charlie Adlard bring our favorite survivors as well as the undead to life each month in The Walking Dead comics. However, with the series ending in July, the question of what is next for the talented artist has to be asked.

While fans can hold out hope that there will be new stories released in Robert Kirkman’s zombie universe, there have been no reports of anything like that being planned. But that doesn’t mean Adlard’s work is done.

Lately, he has been promoting his work on Vampire State Building but the BBC reports that he has been approached by comic juggernauts Marvel and DC to acquire his services for artwork…with him already turning down Marvel’s offer.

His reason for turning down Marvel:

“It was, shall we say, zombie-related and the one thing I don’t want to do, for obvious reasons, is anything zombie-related,” he said.

It’s understandable that the artist has worn a bit out on drawing the undead. Capturing other objects has to be appealing after a decade and a half of deadlines and walkers. But will he ever return to drawing zombies? That is something that will likely be addressed in the future since his focus is elsewhere at the moment.

“I want to do other stuff, I want to prove my versatility,” he said. “People just think because you’ve drawn zombies for 15 years, you want to carry on drawing zombies.”

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There is no denying that Adlard’s work drawing zombies has been amazing for the run of The Walking Dead and he has perfected that style over the course of the run. However, there is a lot to be said for pushing yourself and taking on projects important to you, and Charlie has earned the right to do whatever he wants after giving fans 15 years of amazing undead artwork.

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