The Walking Dead #1 was the top-selling graphic novel of 2010s

walkers - The Walking Dead issue 188 - Image Comics and Skybound
walkers - The Walking Dead issue 188 - Image Comics and Skybound /

People bought a lot of copies of The Walking Dead trade paperback number one titled “Days Gone Bye” and made it the top seller of the decade.

It’s interesting to see how comic sales work. In fact, sometimes a big resurgence in a printed or digital graphic novel can be sparked by a big event in the current storyline. That is exactly what happened with Image Comics and Skybound’s The Walking Dead.

2019 saw the comic book series come to an end with issue 193, but even before that point, there was a lot of rejuvenated interest in the first trade that was published on Feb. 19, 2013 titled “Days Gone Bye” to keep it among the most desired publications of the decade.

With strong, consistent sales, it isn’t shocking that it was recently revealed to be the top-selling trade paperback of the 2010s by

“Days Gone Bye” started the story of Rick Grimes in the zombie apocalypse as he searched for his wife and son after waking up from a coma in an Atlanta hospital. That journey has since become iconic, spawning a franchise with a television show that is ten seasons deep, two spinoff shows, films, video games, and much more.

The appeal of the series moved from hardcore fans to a casual audience, making the trade paperback among the must-have items for fans and collectors as well as a fun and interesting way to dip your toes into a massive comic book story.

With a story by Robert Kirkman and art from Tony Moore, it can be hard to put the comic book down and reading the first TPB opens the door for a world of stories set in the zombie apocalypse to be told.

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Congratulations to The Walking Dead comics for this massive achievement as well as Image Comics, Skybound, Robert Kirkman, and everyone involved in creating “Days Gone Bye” for fans to enjoy!