The Walking Dead graphic novels selling well despite series ending

The Walking Dead issue 191 - Image Comics and Skybound
The Walking Dead issue 191 - Image Comics and Skybound /

The Walking Dead comics may have ended in July 2019 but that hasn’t stopped fans from picking up graphic novels from the popular series at retailers.

It has been over seven months since The Walking Dead shocked comic book readers by ending the series with issue 193. However, readers still can’t seem to get enough of the undead action from Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, and Tony Moore.

While there will always be collectors looking to add certain issues, variants, or graphic novels to their collections, there are still three collections landing within the top 500 books being shipped for sale as well as marked for retail sales in January according to Bleeding Cool.

The three graphic novels included on the list are two trade paperbacks (Volumes 1 and 32) as well as Compendium 4. Here is how the bulk order shook out for the three:

  • 257 – TPB Volume 32: Rest in Peace
  • 299 – Compendium 4
  • 349 – TPB Volume 1: Days Gone Bye

There seem to be a lot of people who are looking to start their journey with The Walking Dead comics by picking up the first trade paperback of the series. Since it contains the first six issues of the series and sets the tone for the entire franchise, it’s not difficult to understand the appeal of the graphic novel.

On the other hand, Volume 32 contains the farewell of the series. The last seven issues of the series are best read as together and this is the perfect way to add them to any collection.

Finally, Compendium 4 contains a massive number of issues, compiling issues 145–193. Only having to buy four compendiums to have every page from the entire run of the comic book series is not only convenient but great for giving as gifts.

Considering how passionate fans of The Walking Dead are, it’s not surprising to see the retail numbers being better than the shipping numbers for Compendium 4 when compared to other comics or collections. Here is how things shook out for the three in that category:

  • 103 – Compendium 4
  • 310 – TPB Volume 32: Rest in Peace
  • 464 – TPB Volume 1: Days Gone Bye

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These numbers prove The Walking Dead comics may be done, but they’ll continue to live on because of the passion of collectors, the curiosity of new readers, and the desire to see everything the franchise’s comic world has to offer.