AMC is giving fans The Walking Dead content they deserve

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and wife Hilarie Burton at home in New York State April 2020 - Friday Night In with the Morgans _ Season 1 - Photo Credit: Courtesy The Morgans/AMC
Jeffrey Dean Morgan and wife Hilarie Burton at home in New York State April 2020 - Friday Night In with the Morgans _ Season 1 - Photo Credit: Courtesy The Morgans/AMC /

Friday Night in with the Morgans and Bottomless Brunch with Colman are examples of the exciting quarantine content initiatives from AMC.

All around the globe, members of the The Walking Dead Family have been sheltering in place for weeks and even months as they stay home to help save lives amidst the unprecedented novel coronavirus pandemic. With production halted on many of the shows in the TWD Universe, AMC has been getting creative during the COVID-19 pandemic with exciting new content initiatives designed to help entertain fans who are sheltering in place..

AMC’s first foray into quarantine television began with Talking Dead filmed from home. Chris Hardwick and three guests beamed in to provide fans with a breakdown of the final two episodes of The Walking Dead’s slightly truncated season 10. When this little experiment turned out to be a big success, it opened the door to new content.

Friday Night In with the Morgans brings fans straight to Mischief Ranch with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Morgan. Each 30-minute episode is a chance for the Morgans to talk with their special guests and offer praise to people who are trying to make a difference in these trying times. The result is a bonafide feel-good episode of television on Friday nights when everyone is stuck at home.

Unlike Talking Dead, which is driven by episodes of The Walking Dead, Friday Night In is a conversation among friends and that means it is possible to have cast members from across The Walking Dead Universe coming together in a way that has not been possible to this point. Given filming schedules, it is difficult to have members of the various shows join Chris Hardwick for Talking Dead.

When Friday Night In had an opportunity to bring Colman Domingo on as a guest, it created a chance for Negan and Strand to come face to face in a way that was never possible before.

Next came Bottomless Brunch with Colman, a Sunday afternoon boozy brunch show hosted by Fear the Walking Dead star Colman Domingo from his home in Los Angeles. The first episode aired May 3 and featured special guests Niecy Nash and Domingo’s Fear TWD co-star Mo Collins.

Bottomless Brunch with Colman was a celebration of togetherness, coupled with boozy drinks, great food and good conversation. In a time where friends can’t get together for Sunday brunch, Colman Domingo’s YouTube show is a welcome escape.

The reality is that we’re living in a web of uncertainty. There is no timeline for when Hollywood will be able to get back to work. There is no target date and there is no way to offer a guess as to when production can resume. The first half of Fear the Walking Dead season 6 will air this summer while the new spinoff World Beyond has been pushed back to later this year, and The Walking Dead season 10 finale is also floating in limbo.

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AMC has found a way to bring exciting new content to fans that utilizes ingenuity, technology and a willingness to bring people together with two of the network’s most charming and charismatic stars in Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Colman Domingo. Both Morgan and Domingo draw people in with their warmth and charm, so it makes sense that they would both lead the way in creating content that brings comfort to fans all over the world.

With the success of Friday Night In and Bottomless Brunch, we have to wonder: What will AMC come up with next?