Fear the Walking Dead alum unmasked on The Masked Singer season 3

A former cast member from Fear the Walking Dead was revealed to be the Turtle on The Masked Singer.

Several weeks ago, Undead Walking speculated that a former actor from Fear the Walking Dead was one of the contestants on the hit FOX television series The Masked Singer for season 3, and that theory was confirmed in the finale episode.

On May 20, 2020, the season 3 finale of The Masked Singer aired with three contestants left standing. The Frog, the Turtle, and the Night Angel were left to compete for the trophy which they refer to as the Golden Mask.

After strong performances from the Frog and the Night Angel, the Turtle stood with the final three. The first vote eliminated the Frog, putting the Turtle in the top two along with the Night Angel. The final vote happened and revealed the Turtle to be the runner up. When unmasked…

The Turtle was revealed to be Jesse McCartney.

Fans may remember Jesse McCartney as Reed from season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead where he was part of Connor’s group of pirates before being shot and killed by Chris Manawa. The survivors put a mask on Reed’s head to exchange him for Travis Manawa but Connor is bitten by Reed after the trade is made.

McCartney is no one-trick pony as an actor, either. He got his start on All My Children where he won awards for playing J.R. Chandler before branching out to Summerland, Law & Order, Greek, and many others while lending his voice to Young Justice as Dick Greyson.

The reason McCartney performed so well on The Masked Singer is pretty simple. He has been singing professionally since 1999 when he was a member of the group Dream Street. However, he reached the peak of his popularity in 2004 when his debut solo album Beautiful Soul was released and the title track received massive airplay. You can LISTEN TO THE SONG HERE.

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Congratulations to Jesse McCartney for coming in second on The Masked Singer season 3. It was an amazing run by the former Fear the Walking Dead cast member and one that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

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