Norman Reedus’ cat serves up a mood

Norman Reedus loves his cat, and his cat seems to love being photographed these days.

Pet owners know that all of the time spent at home in recent months have been challenging, but to animals all over the world it was a welcome thing to have their pet parents around all of the time. For The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus it was the same, and his black cat is still reaping the benefits of having the whole family around all the time.

Reedus has been known to travel with his cat, Eye in the Dark. The feline belonged to his son Mingus, who requested a black cat when he was five. After Reedus brought the cat home from a shelter, Mingus was responsible for naming the new addition to the family and that’s what the then-five year old chose.

Lately, it has been Reedus’ partner Diane Kruger who has been sharing the bulk of the Eye in the Dark photos, and it turns out he’s quite photogenic. And that look, talk about a mood! Take a look:

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The Walking Dead fans know that Daryl Dixon is a dog person, and so too is Reedus, who visited a dog sanctuary in Costa Rica during a season 4 episode of Ride with Norman Reedus. Animals have never fared well in The Walking Dead Universe, but there are some outliers these days. Dog was an instant fan favorite, of course.

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While Dog has captured the hearts of the TWD Family, Dog’s feline counterpart Skidmark won fans over on The Walking Dead’s companion series Fear the Walking Dead. As the story goes, Ruben Blades asked for his character to have a cat, and lo and behold Daniel Salazar ended up with a sassy ginger tabby cat named Skidmark.

Norman Reedus describes The Walking Dead’s as-yet unfinished season 10 finale as “epic”. Hopefully Dog and Daryl make it out in one piece!

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