The Walking Dead Interview: Rosemary Rodriguez talks “Sing Me a Song”

Behind the scenes: The Walking Dead 707. Photo credit: Rosemary Rodriguez
Behind the scenes: The Walking Dead 707. Photo credit: Rosemary Rodriguez /

Director Rosemary Rodriguez goes behind the scenes of The Walking Dead 707.

Have you ever wondered what it was like bringing The Walking Dead season 7 episode “Sing Me a Song” to life? Undead Walking had a Zoom call with director Rosemary Rodriguez, who shared fascinating stories about how she came to direct her first episode of The Walking Dead and what it was like filming such a pivotal episode.

There are three things that become immediately evident upon talking with Rosemary Rodriguez: She is an incredibly talented director, she adores her friend Jeffrey Dean Morgan and she loves The Walking Dead.

The story of how she got the call to direct The Walking Dead is a good one. She didn’t recognize the number that sent the text, but when she told her husband that someone texted her to ask if she wanted to direct The Walking Dead, his enthusiastic response was to say yes and ask questions later.

As it happens, the text was from her good friend Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who wanted her to get involved with the show now that he was part of the cast.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Watch: Interview with Rosemary Rodriguez about The Walking Dead 707

“Sing Me a Song” is an important episode in The Walking Dead because it was the pivotal moment when fans saw another side of Negan (good and bad), Carl had a chance to step out of his shell, Michonne was on a mission, Rick and Aaron were dealing with lake walkers and Daryl was about to find out that someone at the Sanctuary was pulling for him. Keeping track of all of those stories was a lot, as Rodriguez says in the interview, but it was also a lot of fun for a director who is also a huge fan of the show.

Rodriguez came back to direct season 8’s “The Damned” and season 9’s “The Obliged”. Her perspective as both a fan and a director is intriguing, especially when it comes to how to perceive complicated characters like Negan.

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We’re grateful to Rosemary Rodriguez for taking the time to talk with us, and we’re very excited to speak with her again!