Fear TWD: Ruben Blades’ adorable birthday shoutout to Alexa Nisenson

Ruben Blades’ message for his Fear TWD costar highlights their bond

Social media birthday wishes have always been a thing, but during the worldwide pandemic that has kept people from interacting with friends and family, they have taken on a new meaning. The pandemic has also put a stop to filming on Fear TWD season 6, so instead of in-person birthday wishes for Alexa Nisenson, Ruben Blades sent her a very adorable social media message.

Blades, a very talented multi-hyphenate artist, activist and former politician, is known for playing the chameleon-esque Daniel Salazar on Fear the Walking Dead. Salazar’s roots in El Salvador have taught him that in order to survive, you have to make difficult decisions, but when it comes to people you care about you do whatever it takes.

Salazar sees a lot in Nisenson’s Charlie, and he has taken her under his wing in the cold and heartless world of the zombie apocalypse.

Blades sent his co star a message on her birthday, highlighting the special bond their characters have on the show:

“Happy birthday to my Fear TWD companion Alexa Nisenson ‘Charlie’,” he wrote, “who turned 14 yesterday. Congratulations from me and Skidmark.”

Nisenson was clearly touched by the post, sending Blades this message in response: “Ruben!!!! I love and adore you more than I can even put into words. Thank you so much for this amazing post and bday wishes!! I miss you so much. You mean the world to me! You are someone special and I am so so grateful for you!! Oh and grateful for Skidmark – he’s such a star!!!

Fear the Walking Dead characters have developed close relationships over the past two seasons, and that seems to be by design – a hard-hitting season six won’t have the same impact unless the characters care deeply about each other. Mysterious pseudo-villain Virginia seems to understand that all too well, which explains why she divided everyone up in the season 5 finale “End of the Line”.

Among those who were separated are Blades’ Salazar and Nisenson’s Charlie. And Salazar’s cat,  Skidmark, of course. The scene of Charlie tearfully saying goodbye to Salazar, with Salazar assuring her that he will find his way back, is gutting.

Charlie and Salazar bonded during a failed supply run. Salazar was impressed by her bold ingenuity and her fearlessness in the face of a herd of walkers bearing down on them. It helped that Skidmark also took a liking to her, which means she is good people. (Anyone who has a cat understands this)

Despite the circumstances, however, Salazar’s promise to Charlie that he will find her is a reminder of the man, the myth and the legend that is Daniel Salazar. If anyone can make a promise like that and keep it, it’s him.

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We hope that Alexa Nisenson’s 14th birthday was a good one, and we can’t wait to see what Fear the Walking Dead season 6 has in store for us when the show returns this summer!

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