Fear TWD Father’s Day Edition: Top 5 Daniel Salazar moments

Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 4 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

This Father’s Day is a time to give thanks to Fear TWD’s Daniel Salazar

From the moment we met Daniel, his story has gone in a lot of different directions. We have seen him adapt throughout the series into different phases in the apocalypse. Every change and remarkable moment Daniel has had in Fear TWD was all for the sake of the family.

Daniel has done incredible things that had our jaws on the floor with our eyes glued to the screen, which is why he is a fan favorite. We are going to take a moment to appreciate the amazing things Daniel Salazar has done on the show to entertain us.

5.Saving Travis
Season 1 Episode 2 – “So Close, Yet So Far”

In the beginning, we saw the city, we saw the society slowly break apart in the wake of the apocalypse. Fear TWD showed us a different side of the TWD universe that made us think about how the world would react if people started eating people, although we have seen the reaction to a breakout like COVID-19 we can’t imagine how scary it’d be with the outbreak in TWD.

When things started escalating Travis and his family was out in the city while the world started to get tense. Riots were starting to break loose and people went for all the supplies they could, Travis and his family weren’t sure where else to go but Daniel’s place. For a second Daniel wasn’t okay with it but after a quick in the moment decision he let them in.

Due to Daniel’s daughter, Ofelia, he decided he would help Travis, he seen that his daughter expecting different and so he made a difference. After a while of being hidden within Daniel’s barbershop, rioters next door started a fire so strong they had to evacuate. Travis and Daniel’s families left together.

4.Leading the herd toward the military
Season 1 Episode 6 – “The Good Man”

During Fear’s first season, we’ve seen the military take advantage of power against the people, closing in Madison Clark and her group in a neighborhood surrounded by fencing. They took people away when they felt to a military base, one including Madison Clark’s son Nick Clark. After things start to escalate, the military completely leaves the Madison and the rest.

This causes our group to go after them to find Nick, and also Daniel’s wife, Griselda. Once they reach we see Daniel walk up to the base where a couple of guards stand, as the guard’s point at Daniel, he tells them to save the ammunition. Shortly after he walks away, we see a massive horde coming toward the base.

This was an amazing, intelligent tactic on Daniel’s part, showing what he is capable of when he needs to protect the ones he cares for. This eventually leads to them getting the missing members of the group back.

3.Saving Efrain
Season 3 Episode 4 – “100”

This episode of Fear TWD season 3 was a strictly Daniel episode, it was the first episode we’ve seen Daniel again since the season 2 midseason finale. We begin by seeing Daniel right after the fire he started, and he wasn’t looking good, but with his luck, he is saved by a man named Efrain. Daniel was fixed up by Efrain and a few others, helping with his severe burns and his immense dehydration.

After a little while, we see Daniel grow sane again, slowly but surely, thanks to Efrain. Unfortunately, Daniel gets into the wrong group after serving a man named Dante, that owns a dam that controls where the water ends up. With water being a huge source, Dante keeps most of it to himself and has many bodyguards, Daniel being one of them due to his skills. Daniel is forced against his friends that saved him, which was a very heartbreaking moment.

By the end of the episode, Dante was doing executions, by taking people that did him wrong and throwing them off the edge of the dam. Daniel’s friends and Victor Strand were a part of the group ready to be killed. Daniel takes the choice to take out Dante and his men purely out of heart and affection toward his new friends. By the end of the episode, he begs for forgiveness and receives it.

2.Taking down Proctors
Season 3 Episode 16 – “Sleigh ride”

In the intense finale of Fear TWD season 3, we were introduced to a new and ruthless enemy that had no care for sympathy or mercy. His name was Proctor John, and his large-scale gang was called the proctors. After Strand makes a deal with Proctor John to save his own life, the Proctors perform an attack on the dam. With Madison’s group scattered meeting an endgame with Proctor John, Daniel suffers from a gunshot to the face from Strand.

In a bad state, he has to use his wound to get out of the predicament he gets into. When a few of the Proctors find Daniel, he has to pretend to be an old man in need, until he gets close enough to grab one of there weapons. After taking out a few of them, Daniel goes of a rampage and takes the Proctors out left and right.

We see Daniel make it to the top of the dam where Nick stands against Proctor John, Daniel attacks many of the gang after reaching them. Nick explodes the dam to try and take out John, but from what we have seen he never died. Somewhere out there Proctor John and his gang are still around and alive.

1. Leading the herd away
Season 5 Episode 4 – “Skidmark”

After Daniel’s unknown disappearance in Fear TWD season 4, we finally see him again and he’s got a base. After the dam, it’s unknown of the journey Daniel was going through but he seemed to obtain a base with a lot of supplies, guns, and vehicles. Strand goes to Daniel for the first time since season 3 after shooting his him the face, not knowing he was alive, to ask him a favor.

This episode is a major reflection of the past of what Victor has done, and why Daniel and he have the past that they do. During this Daniel finds a herd that seemed to be going toward wherever Strand and the group were at. Daniel takes it upon himself to lead the herd away from the area to save them all.

In doing so he gets Victor to admit to his wrongs, this causes Victor to go and save Daniel from the herd. Daniel admits he has been trying to become a new person after losing his daughter, so he can be something she would have loved to see.

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All of Daniel’s action were with the thought of his wife and his daughter in mind. Daniel seems to look death in the face more than once and leaves freely, we can assume that his late wife and daughter are the reason he has looked at death and walked away.

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