Skybound, Image Comics and Humble Bundle support comic shops

Negan - The Walking Dead - Image Comics and Skybound
Negan - The Walking Dead - Image Comics and Skybound /

Skybound, the parent company of The Walking Dead, teamed with Image Comics and Humble Bundle to support comic book shops.

The comic book industry is an often-forgotten, yet important asset to the world. Not only do comics promote creativity and artwork but it encourages reading allows people to escape their real-life problems.

Among the industries struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, comic shops and creators can be limited by what they can do. With some publishers going forward with business as usual, creators like Skybound, Image Comics, and Humble Bumble have been helping those in need.

In a press release from Image Comics shared with Undead Walking, recent Humble Bundles have raised over $140K for charity. Among the promotions which raised those funds was “The Walking Dead by Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment” Bundle which allowed for an impressive amount of comics to be acquired at very low prices and helped out the BINC Foundation, which helps independent booksellers and comic shops..

Right now, the “Image Comics Showcase” Bundle is available and features some great comics including Robert Kirkman’s Invincible, Oblivion Song, and Outcast. Purchases from this bundle go to help the BINC Foundation and the Hero Initiative, which helps comic creators who are down on their luck and allows them to continue with their passion.

It is wonderful to see an industry helping to support itself. Whether it is the creators working hard to bring unique art to the masses or individuals making that art available inside their shops, sometimes everyone needs a helping hand.

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Fans of The Walking Dead did a great job raising money with the comic Humble Bundle and can still pick up the amazing games from Telltale Games and Skybound in a Humble Bundle for a wonderful cause. One thing for certain is that it is heart-warming to see Image Comics and Skybound work together to support the industry.