New Fear the Walking Dead teaser shows a dark future for season 6

Colby Minifie as Virginia - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC
Colby Minifie as Virginia - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC /

A new trailer reveals that Fear the Walking Dead is going to be very dark

The Fear the Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic-con dropped the darkest teaser fans have seen from the show yet, shaping what could be a wild season 6. For the past 2 seasons of Fear the Walking Dead viewers have gotten a story with the theme of hope. However, season 6 is shaping up to possibly be some of the darkest content we have seen from The Walking Dead universe as a whole. All hope has seemed to be stripped from the characters that fans have gotten to know and love.

When season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead ended, our survivors were all divided and Morgan Jones was in absolute peril, bleeding out and on the verge of death. This new teaser also paints a dark picture for the future of our group. It appears they will now only have positive memories to look back on, as no happiness is in the near future.

This teaser was a mix of older footage viewers have already seen, and brand new footage fans can look forward too. When fans last saw Morgan Jones, his fate was up the air, so to preserve the questions viewers have about his odds on living, no new content for this character was added into the teaser.

Other characters that seem to not make an appearance are, the children, Wes, Grace, and perhaps most importantly Skidmark. The children and Wes could just not make an appearance for time purposes. Leaving Skidmark out could just be to toy with the hearts of fans all over the world. Grace on the other hand could be for a similar reason to Morgan.

If Grace were to get time in the teaser it could give away too much information regarding her fate. Fans know she suffers from radiation poisoning, as well as being malnourished and pregnant. Showing her with a baby bump or a baby might be too hopeful for the theme. Not showing her at all makes her fate that much more up the in air.

Viewers also got well acquainted with a few new characters. Walter is a character viewers meet and see immediately beheaded. At least fans know to not get attached to him. Fans also get to know about a character who is Virginia’s personal assassin, and he has a dog who also seems to be a trained killer. (Stay away from Skidmark please)

Other very alarming scenes within this teaser include Alicia strapped to a table, John beating up Strand, Charlie being grabbed by the hair by a walker, Sherry in absolute shambles, and everyone else in a compromising position. Each second is a new reason for the viewer’s anxiety to rise. Season 6 is going to without a doubt leave fans breathless.

One big character in the teaser that stands out is John Dorie. The John Dorie fans have gotten know and love is a very gentle soul, who would do anything to make June and his friends happy. The John we see in the teaser is desperate and fighting at every turn. It’s a scary thought that one of the more pure group members is now acting this way.

The couple seconds viewers see Strand and John fighting could be because of a variety of reasons. It could be fake, so outsiders think they don’t get along. Strand could be up to his old ways of conning the community to get ahead and John doesn’t understand. Or John could be just that desperate and everything in between.

The wait for Fear the Walking Dead will soon be over and we will learn the fate of the characters, but will it be too much to handle? The panel did mention Skidmark will have his own story this season with possible friends, could this be the small breaks of happiness we get between all the sadness? Tune in October 11th to find out!

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