Exclusive: New Fear TWD teaser features a closer look at season 6

Undead Walking is proud to present this new teaser for Fear TWD season 6

Things go from bad to worse in this exclusive new teaser for Fear TWD season 6. The twenty second teaser may be short but it reveals lots of new clues about what’s coming in the new season, including a better look at the mysterious Bounty Hunter, the Pale Riders and our group trying to survive in this strange new world.

The past few weeks have yielded a treasure trove of new information for Fear the Walking Dead fans. From the Comic-Con at Home panel and a new trailer to photos that reveal which characters ended up together and terrifying key art that paints Morgan in a whole new light. Now, a new teaser provides even more juicy details about the new season.

From the look of things, the group is staying busy even though they’re separated, but it’s unclear where they are and what they’re up to. John Dorie, for example, seems to be on a solo mission while Dwight and Al are off on their own.

Take a look:

There are several things that jump out in this new teaser. Not only do fans get a closer look at the Bounty Hunter that Virginia hires to locate Morgan, but there is also a look at Dwight and Althea stuck in a bathroom and someone who is wearing a hat learns that things are worse than they ever could have imagined. (Both Althea and Daniel are seen wearing the same hat)

What’s more is that there is an image that lingers on a pair of walker feet that are in sand. It could be lake sand or beach sand, but it’s sand none the less and this might hint at the location of one of the colonies.

Be sure to check out the Undead Walking Podcast this Sunday (August 23) when host Sarabeth Pollock talks with Fear TWD star Alexa Nisenson about what’s coming up in season 6. While she can’t say much, she was able to reveal some exciting information that is sure to get the Fear Family excited about the new season.

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Fear the Walking Dead returns October 11 on AMC.

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