Fear TWD season 6 could provide huge opportunity for Dwight

Dwight’s mission to find Sherry will take a new turn in Fear TWD season 6

Thus far, AMC has revealed two major “spoilers” about Fear TWD season 6: Morgan is “alive” (as far as we can tell), and Dwight finally reconnects with Sherry (or not – it could always be a flashback). The latest set of new photos from the upcoming season features a closer look at ol’ Dwighty Boy and it looks like he’s a man on a mission.

After receiving a much-needed haircut from friendly neighborhood barber Daniel Salazar in season 5, Dwight is a man who has a foot in the past and a foot in the future. In his mind, he can’t escape what happened with Sherry and his time with the Saviors. He also wants to fit into this new group of friends after they prove that they wanted him around.

When Virginia hinted that Sherry was alive and well, Dwight knew that it could be a trick. She could have heard him talking to Sherry over the radio…or she could be alive.

Dwight thinks Sherry is closer than ever after finding clues that she had been on the same path in the season 5 episode “The Little Prince”, but what he doesn’t know is that Sherry left her husband a note that John Dorie found and willfully kept from him. Dorie’s intentions were in the right place: He didn’t want to crush Dwight’s spirits, and he wanted to ensure that Dwight would stay with them instead of continuing his search.

What Does Fear TWD Season 6 Have In Store For Dwight?

In the latest photo from season 6, Dwight is on the move. His hair has grown out, and according to the trailer he was with Althea at some point. But the path is definitely fraught with danger as the new photo reveals him fighting off walkers.

Interestingly, though, AMC released a photo of Dwight and Sherry earlier this year, and it makes fans wonder what that means. Do they find each other on the run, is she part of Virginia’s group or is this photo a red herring, taken as part of a flashback sequence?

Season 6 will be an interesting time for Dwight, who has been torn from his new friends and teased with a chance at finding his wife again. As someone with everything to gain and not much to lose, he could make some big moves in season 6 to get what he wants.

We know he can move like a chameleon, especially after playing double agent among the Saviors to help Rick and the Alexandrians during All Out War. Perhaps he will find a way to help tip the odds in favor of his friends, helping them to escape and finding Sherry at the same time.

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