The Walking Dead ending: Future of other characters

The Walking Dead is coming to an end but what happens to the other characters?

On the morning of September 9, The Walking Dead Family came to the end of an era. After IGN posted and deleted the news of TWD ending and a Daryl Carol spin-off was coming, the official Walking Dead Twitter confirmed it.

It is known neither Daryl nor Carol will die during the final episodes of The Walking Dead, but what does that mean for our other characters? With a spin-off revolving around these two, where will characters like Negan, Maggie, Judith, RJ, and many more go?

The possibilities are endless with the expanding and amazing world of The Walking Dead Universe, and we MAY see some characters go with Daryl and Carol, or MAYBE we can have another spin off of another character… hint… Negan…or maybe… Judith and RJ…

Honestly, there really shouldn’t be any doubt that we could possibly get a spin-off for other characters. But either way, The Walking Dead will close out the story in an amazing beautiful way, especially in the hands of Angela Kang.

Another note to add, we may see some characters go to Fear The Walking Dead depending on where and when we end up in season 6. We may also see some characters go to the Rick Grimes movies, and very likely we may see some arcs in the new anthology series Tales of The Walking Dead.

On the bright side we still have two years before we get to the final episodes, and there is plenty of new content coming for fans. TWD Family, how are you all holding up to this news this morning? Let’s come together and share our thoughts! Tweet us @UndeadWalkingFS