Tales of The Walking Dead could bring back Madison Clark

Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC
Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr/AMC /

Tales of The Walking Dead could resurrect a popular Fear TWD character

With the recent news that The Walking Dead is ending, fans also received enthralling news of two new TWD spin offs. One of them is a follow-up story for the characters Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier that will debut after the series finale, and the second show is titled Tales of The Walking Dead, an anthology series as a collection stories featuring beloved characters that have been lost, characters that are still around and potentially future characters.

With this new Tales of TWD series in place there is an extraordinary amount of possibilities that could bring in phenomenal actors and stories across The Walking Dead Universe. As we know many stories have taken place off screen for both The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead that fans have always been curious about.

A specific story of interest that has to do with Fear The Walking Dead would be showing what took place after the dam explosion in season 3. In the outstanding finale of that season, we see Madison and her family facing an unforeseen future when her son Nick blow up the dam to save his family from Proctor John. That move ended the season on a cliffhanger with the characters scattered, a new enemy still alive and Madison the only one rising from the explosion.

The gap between seasons 3 and 4 really doesn’t cover much on the issue that took place except that everyone is alive. Only small clues are told, like Strand being saved by Madison and Nick’s small flashbacks while having an anxious moment. Other than that, season 4 hasn’t shed light on what may have happened and still hasn’t since, which is something fans were anticipating to see immensely while waiting for the arrival of the fourth season. Even when Daniel comes back, the dam aftermath is an untold story.

With this new way of telling stories, and the amount of demand for Kim Dickens’ Madison Clark to return, it seems almost inevitable for this to happen. We could finally see a fan favorite back on screens and show a story that was unforgettable but never shown. We may even get to see some other original Fear The Walking Dead characters again like Nick, Walker, and Proctor John.

As a fun side note to add, even though it may be a huge coincidence, we have had a subtle hint from Dickens herself when hinted in an interview that Madison can pop up at any time. This created a substantial amount of speculation that she would return, a few times actually. Maybe fans were right after all, and maybe Scott Gimple and Dickens have had conversations regarding the new show. This would definitely give Dickens a sense of contentment, as it’s known she didn’t want to leave at that time.

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Either way it’s a very exciting time for all the TWD family, and we have a lot of great stories to look forward to. Fear The Walking Dead fans, do you hope Tales of TWD brings Madison back once more? Would you like to see the aftermath of the dam explosion? Let us know on Twitter @UndeadWalkingFS