Fear TWD star Lennie James loses late night virginity

Fear TWD actor Lennie James appeared on The Late Late Show.

It may seem hard to believe, but Fear TWDs Lennie James had never appeared on a late-night talk show in the US until this week. Thanks to James Corden, James finally lost his late-night virginity when he appeared on The Late Late Show on Wednesday.

Thankfully the Fear actor had a gentle introduction to the world of late-night chat and japes as he was taking part in the show via video call from his home – though he still asked his fellow countryman to be gentle with him for his first time.

He needn’t have worried as Corden revealed he was a huge fan of James and had been trying to get him on as a guest for some time. James finally appeared this year to promote his well-written show, Save Me‘s second season.

James wrote and starred in the thrilling drama Save Me, which was shown on Sky in the UK and Starz in the US, about a man looking for his missing teenage daughter.

The drama covers the susceptible topic of child grooming, abduction, and abuse. James was aware of that sensitivity when researching the show, preferring to read published articles rather than dig too deep into the information himself.

The second season of Save Me, which shows James’ character Nelly continuing the search for his daughter, began streaming on Peacock on November 5, and co-stars huge British acting names, including Oscar-nominated Leslie Manville, Adrian Edmondson and Suranne Jones.

James didn’t just talk about his current work with Corden but also detailed his origins in the business, including the fact that he auditioned for his first play simply because he was following a girl he had a crush on.

He was horrified to find in the audition that he had to sing a song and called his brother to ask him for a song “white people would like” that might impress. Thankfully his brother’s choice of Feelings by British crooner Des O’Connor didn’t scupper his chances, as he got the part.

Corden also asked James about his background as a writer, and James revealed how he had broken out as talent from a very early age.

Whilst performing in his first play, at 16, a friend bet him he couldn’t write a play. James proved him wrong by doing just that and then entered it into the National Youth Theatre playwriting competition. Not only did his play win, giving him the title of Most Promising Writer Under 21, but his play was also published in an anthology book shortly afterward.

As James said, he went from no connection to the business at 16 to being an award-winning and published playwright at 18. Thus, James has always had a huge amount of skill and talent, and which he is now putting into practice on both sides of the Atlantic.

James was in Texas filming Fear when COVID hit, and he stayed there for much of the lockdown. However, he also managed to star in a short film Happy Trails, alongside fellow Walking Dead alums Pollyanna McIntosh, Cooper Andrews and Josh Mikel.

The second half of season 6 of Fear TWD begins airing on AMC in the spring, with season 7 likely to follow at the end of 2021.