The Walking Dead: Would Glenn want Maggie to forgive Negan?

Glenn (Steven Yeun) - Walking Dead - Season 2, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Glenn (Steven Yeun) - Walking Dead - Season 2, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

The Walking Dead returns on AMC+ February 21 and AMC on February 28. These will be the remaining episodes to finish out a drawn-out season ten. The first episode of season ten aired in 2019, and here we are in 2021 to finish it out.

So much has transpired in season 10. We’ve lost so many characters throughout this season. The battle with the Whisperers is finally won. The Hilltop has been burned to the ground. And, Maggie has returned.

With the return of Maggie and little Hershel, the big question is, how will she handle Negan? Negan has changed since she last knew anything of him. He has given up his past ways as leader of the Saviors, tried to become a quiet member of the communities, and partnered with Carol to be rid of the evil that was Alpha.

Does this earn him forgiveness in Maggie’s or anyone else’s eyes?

How would Glenn want Maggie to handle things with Negan?

Steven Yeun played the beloved Glenn Rhee on TWD into season seven of the series, and you would be hard-pressed to find a TWD fan who doesn’t love Glenn.  He was always a voice of reason and forgiving to a fault. Even though the world had gone to crap, he still looked for the good and tried to make others see it also.

We quickly learned of Glenn’s character when he willingly saved a stranger, Rick Grimes, in season one. His famous first words in the series were, “Hey you, dumbass.” He was talking to this stranger he saw on the street taking cover in a military tank that was surrounded by walkers. He helped Rick escape when he could have just walked away.

Throughout his time on the series, Glenn became a vital part of the main group. He was resourceful and dependable, and viewers couldn’t help but enjoy Glenn and Maggie’s love story.

His death was something most fans feel shouldn’t have happened. Yes, it was a part of the comic book story, but this series doesn’t always follow that model, and things could have been different. Hershel would have had a wonderful father to look up to, and Maggie would have her husband, who was a perfect helpmate to her.

Now that Maggie has returned, the question of how she will handle Negan, the man who bludgeoned her husband to death, is forefront in everyone’s minds. We saw a clip of Maggie talking to Daryl about Hershel, who asked her if the bad man who killed his dad had gotten what he deserved. Ouch!

From the two-minute clip of “Home Sweet Home,” we see Maggie and Negan’s first interaction. Things are tense.

The other question many are asking is: Would Glenn want Maggie to forgive Negan?

I think the answer is YES. He would want Maggie to let go of anything that would keep her from being the best mother and leader that this world needs. The weight of her heartache and bitterness will only press her down and keep her from reaching her potential. Little Hershel needs a mother who is free from any unnecessary baggage.

Forgiveness doesn’t excuse the behaviors but allows the one who was wronged to move on free from the burden of letting someone live rent-free in your mind. When a person can’t forgive, that burden stays with them, and they cannot move on. Holding all that bitterness inside isn’t healthy.

Glenn was a person who thought about things from every angle. He would tell Maggie that Negan had to do what he did to protect his people. There were many times Glenn went along with ideas that he wasn’t 100% sure about. For example, when they attacked the savior’s satellite location. Glenn was hesitant about this move but did it for the good of his people.

I don’t think Glenn would expect Maggie to befriend Negan. I think he would advise her to forgive him and move on.

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Season 10c will give us some insight into Maggie and where she has been. And perhaps we will see what happens between her and Negan.

You can view “Home Sweet Home” now on AMC+ and AMC on Sunday, February 28.