The Walking Dead 1017 written by Frank Deiboldt and Corey Reed

“Home Sweet Home” is the first episode of The Walking Dead’s season 10c bonus episodes. This episode focuses on Maggie and her return. It is an action-packed episode with some wonderful heartfelt moments.

Fans have been longing for information about where Maggie and little Hershel have been. The only information fans knew was that she left with Georgie to seek out other communities. Since Maggie has been around since early in the series, fans have a soft spot for her. The Maggie and Glenn love story is one of the best in the series, and since his brutal death, fans have just felt sympathy for Maggie.

Maggie showed up in “A Certain Doom” with her new companion Elijah. The duo was integral in saving Father Gabriel’s life as the Whisperers were set to attack him. We did get a short glimpse of Maggie’s reunion with some of her friends.

The Walking Dead has some of the best writers, and it always interesting to know a bit about them

The whole TWD cast and crew need major recognition for their successful efforts of filming during a pandemic. This was no major feat, yet they have done it and continue to do so within the whole TWDU. This is the first time in TWDU history that all three series are filming simultaneously.

“Home Sweet Home” was written by Kevin Deiboldt and Corey Reed. Both of these writers have written other amazing episodes, so it’s no surprise that this episode is also outstanding.

Deiboldt has written or co-written “Bonds” and “Tower” and has also served as a producer for TWD. He has also written for Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, Cooper and Borgia. 

Reed has written or co-written many TWD episodes, and some of the standouts include “Four Walls and a Roof,” “Consumed,” “Open Your Eyes,” and “A Certain Doom.” He has also served as a producer for the series. Other projects he has written on include Da Vinci’s Demons and Medium. 

It is great to have such a strong and dedicated cast and crew, making TWD such an amazing fandom.

Tune in to AMC when The Walking Dead returns on February 28.