Hilarie Burton Morgan visits Senoia shops and delights fans

Hilarie Burton Morgan as Lucille - The Walking Dead _ Season 10 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC
Hilarie Burton Morgan as Lucille - The Walking Dead _ Season 10 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

The town of Senoia, Georgia, is home to many filming sights of The Walking Dead series. The town itself is the fictional town of Woodbury from the series. Right across the tracks is the Alexandria compound, and close by are many other filming spots.

The quaint town is often full of fans of TWD, and if you are lucky, your will spy random walkers milling about. Another thing you may see are actors from the series.

The latest actor sighting was Hilarie Burton Morgan, who recently portrayed Lucille in the bonus episode “Here’s Negan.” Burton Morgan’s husband, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, plays Negan and the Lucille Morgan plays is Negan’s wife. This episode will focus on Negan’s backstory, which includes his wife’s battle with cancer.

During her visit to Senoia, she stopped by The Woodbury Shoppe and Water Tower Tours. Below are social media posts of Burton Morgan’s visit.

Hilarie Burton Morgan was able to star alongside her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan in an episode of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead is currently airing the six bonus episodes of season 10. The Morgan’s shared the screen in the upcoming episode “Here’s Negan,” which will air on AMC on April 4.

Burton Morgan shared with Interview Magazine that their family had been staying on the Alexandria set in Rick Grimes’ home. The Morgans have starred in shows together before but have never shared screen time. Fans are excited to see them bring life to Negan and Lucille as a couple.

"…to keep us safe for the filming, they had us quarantined living in the neighborhood that The Walking Dead shoots in. Alexandria is a little subdivision of houses with a big, huge wall, and it’s apocalyptic. There’s trash everywhere, and the water tower and all the sets that you see on television. We lived in Rick Grimes’s house. There were bullet holes in my child’s closet door."

The bonus episodes are a bridge that will take viewers into season eleven that will also be the final for the series. Negan’s story still needs some resolution. He has tried to redeem himself for his past actions but will those actions been enough?

The Morgan’s are a great couple who share much of their lives with the fans, and it is great to have Burton Morgan be a part of TWDFamily as not only the spouse of JDM but also as an actress in the series.

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