The Walking Dead hit a home run by casting Paola Lázaro as Princess

Paola Lázaro as Juanita 'Princess' Sanchez- The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 20 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC
Paola Lázaro as Juanita 'Princess' Sanchez- The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 20 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

The Walking Dead TV series has a lot to live up to when creating content based on the comic source material. The Walking Dead comic series is loved by so many, and it’s what got this massive universe started to begin with. Changing anything for the TV series will get some form of scrutiny. Some events and people have missed the mark on the TV show, but some have ended up far surpassing the goodness the comics contain.

Going into the final season, it’s clear that very little can stay the same. Key players in most of the major events are all gone, like Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Michonne, and Dwight. While scenes may be reworked to fit other characters in their place, for the most part, it can’t measure up when speaking about long-standing characters. For example, fans can’t watch Carl grow up into a loving father and spouse, which hurts.

However, there are a couple of things that can remain the same, and it’s obvious now Princess will be one of them. She might even far surpass her comic book counterpart while on the show. If this does happen, after season 10, episode 20 titled ‘Splinter,’ viewers can see it’s because of the incredible heart that Paola Lázaro puts into the character. While minor comic bits were reworked, they kept the backstory of Princess intact, and Paola Lázaro nailed every single scene she has been in so far.

The Walking Dead chose Paola Lázaro to play Princess on screen, and it’s clear that nobody else could have done this role justice quite as she has.

When Princess entered the comics, while she was overall very loved, there was a slight divide in the fandom. When reading a comic, the viewers themself sets the tone. So if there is no understanding of ADHD or even PTSD, it can be hard to fully understand who Princess is. She can come off as cartoonish if read with the wrong tone. Paola Lázaro, however, has broken through anything previously thought about the character and shown Princess has incredible depth and strength.

Princess is an inspiration to so many as she represents so many of the people in the fandom. She is a strong woman of color who has ADHD as well as PTSD that stems from long before the apocalypse even happened. Yet, she has managed to survive this long and become a true warrior and find value in herself. The quote, “I am a goddamn superhero on my own,” is going to be something said for years to come to inspire people.

On Talking Dead, Writer & Supervising Producer Vivian Tse took a deep dive into the mental health of Princess, and Paola was reduced to tears. It is undeniable that Paola is putting every bit of her heart and soul into bringing this bold character to life. After a brief discussion about what makes Princess and Paola, so special Khary Payton himself said, “I just hope everyone understands how awesome it is we found Paola to play this part because she wears it.”

Fans may pick apart other creative decisions on the TV series, but it seems most everyone agrees on Princess. The Walking Dead nailed her character perfectly; from panel to screen, she deserves 10’s all around, and it’s all thanks to the amazing actress who portrays her. Fans are already keeping their fingers crossed that Paola Lázaro will win awards for her role as Princess in ‘Splinter,’ Undead Walking, and Culturess both agree!

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