The Walking Dead might not adapt Sebastian and Pamela to the TV series

The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 20 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC
The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 20 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

Each of the bonus 6 episodes of season 10 has been paired with a small teaser for season 11 of The Walking Dead coming this summer. A couple of them have been extremely telling, teasing comic events. The most recent, however, sent fans immediately into a whirlwind of theories. This teaser features a gavel, and to many fans, this confirms that Yumiko will take Michonne’s role from the comics. Yet, I noticed something that could tease something even larger.

While Yumiko could take Michonne’s role to a certain extent, comic fans also know this arc has to be very different. Many characters are not present in the show as they were in the comics. Fans also know that this is NOT the end of the series as a whole; at the very least, viewers will still see Rick Grimes in future movies. The tv series can take out several things that make this arc so final in the comic series.

Two things stick out to me currently, and one is the lack of casting news. Michael James Shaw was cast as Mercer, yet there has been no news for Lance, Pamela, Maxwell, or Sebastian, who all arrive at around the same time. Then the fact this new teaser has a gavel, but also an entire council setting in the background of it. At no point in the comic series do fans see a council at Commonwealth.

The comic Commonwealth also has a class system they strictly enforce. All of the characters I previously mentioned wear nice clothes and have security detail because they are above killing the undead. When they deem Michonne worthy of talking to someone based on her job pre-apocalypse, she is taken directly to governor Pamela. Readers also see Michonne in court a couple of times with a lone judge. Then in issue #193, it is revealed she is the high court judge. None of these involve councils. I’d go as far as saying a council would go against their class system, at least at the start when readers meet them.

The latest teaser for season 11 of The Walking Dead shows a council setting and a gavel immediately erupting fans into theories and speculation.

It appears there might be a chance that the class system stays to a lesser degree, and perhaps the main characters are remixed. Instead of a lone figurehead, there is a council. Sebastian in the comics is worthless; this is not open for debate. He hits on Yumiko, assaults Magna, and get’s a serious ass-kicking from Princess because of it. He walks around as the physical embodiment of privilege and treats everyone like garbage. Then to top it off, he murders Rick Grimes.

There is no Rick Grimes on the TV series, there is no Walking Dead universe-ending episode like the comic, so there is no reason for Sebastian. He was nothing more than a character to hate and proof that the world had changed enough to have privileges again in the first place. Pamela could still be a figurehead just as the leader of the council instead.

The Commonwealth could be a classist and unfair place needing a change without Rick Grimes taking the helm with Mercer to change things. Instead, it could have our group of Yumiko, Eugene, King Ezekiel, and Princess (and Mercer) facing down a council with Yumiko at the helm. Taking the singular character interaction focus out and making it about the group.

When other characters from our communities get the chance to come to Commonwealth, there could still be brawls in Commonwealth streets and a big speech. A good choice for a speech giver is King Ezekiel, nobody in the communities can give a speech like him, but Maggie would be another excellent option. Without Rick and the finality of the comic arc, there could be a shift in importance. Perhaps war is brewing between CRM and Commonwealth, and tensions are high because of that.

Regardless, all of the clues are starting to blend together and paint a picture of what season 11 will be like. It could be close to the comics or totally different. The last small teaser will be shown during episode 1022, titled ‘Here’s Negan,’ so tune in to see the episode and what hints will be given about the show’s final season!

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