When will The Walking Dead season 10 release on Netflix?

The Walking Dead’s season ten suffered many setbacks due to the pandemic. The season that started in the fall of 2019 didn’t air its final episode until April 2021. The six bonus episodes gave fans something to hold them over until the eleventh and final season could be filmed and receive a premiere date.

During the season ten finale, “Here’s Negan,” AMC announced that the eleventh season will premiere on August 22. This is a bittersweet announcement for the series’s fans, as this also marks the beginning of the end.

The final season of the series will consist of 24 episodes with many loose ends that will need to be resolved during that time frame. Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared on The Late Late Show with James Corden that the filming for season eleven started in March 2021 and will end in March 2022.

When will The Walking Dead season 10 release on Netflix?

Traditionally AMC will release the previous season of The Walking Dead on Netflix about a month ahead of the new season. With the announcement of the August premiere date for season eleven, it is safe to assume that we could see season ten on Netflix in July, perhaps sooner.

This will give fans time to rewatch or catch up with the series for the new season. Many fans use Netflix as their choice to view the series and have been anxiously awaiting the Netflix release.

The Walking Dead flagship series will be ending, but Fear The Walking Dead is currently filming its seventh season, and its sixth is airing on AMC now. The second spinoff series, World Beyond, is filming its second and final season. This series was always set to be limited series, but there have been talks about its final season giving us some crossover moments.