Fear the Walking Dead cast celebrates the S6 finale

Fear the Walking Dead’s outstanding sixth season has come to a close. It was a wild ride and this season resurrected the series. Our regular cast members gave this season their all, and some amazing new cast members joined them to bring something extra to the story.

The season six finale was titled “The Beginning” which was true for some, but this episode was the end for others. We saw Dakota struggle with the realization that Teddy had been feeding her lies which moved her to kill him. June and John Dorie Sr. were saved by the bunker Teddy had ready for his survival plan. Dwight and Sherry saved themselves by seeking refuge in a cellar.

Daniel had been struggling with some PTSD this season, but in this episode, he was thinking clearly and was able to sniff out the rat named Rollie. Charlie bravely took out the slimy Riley. Daniel also was able to get many to safety by understanding Al’s message of the coordinates, leading them to a CRM helicopter. Morgan and Grace almost ended their lives until a literal cry for help snapped them out of it. They found Rachel’s baby tethered to her reanimated self. This baby was a sign for this couple as they lost Grace’s baby earlier in the season, and this baby is Morgan’s namesake. And, Strand, so disgusted with himself, went off on his own, tried to give himself Morgan’s identity but after surviving the blast, he reverted to his true self. He even starts bragging about his survival skills, sacrificing people to save himself and cheating at chess because he always does whatever it takes to win.

Fear the Walking Dead Cast celebrates the sixth season finale

Jenna Elfman’s June Dorie experienced a roller coast of emotions during this season. She lost her true love, John, and had to her reanimated husband. She was amazing this season, more so than usual, and Elfman did an amazing job with her storyline. Elfman was nominated for a Gracie Award for her performance in the Supporting Actress in a Drama Series category.

Danay Garcia gave a shout-out to the crew and fellow cast members of the series.

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Fear the Walking Dead

Nick Stahl as Riley- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Colby Hollman shared some great photos of the finale on his IG page. It will be good to see Wes in season 7, and hopefully, we get some more Wes storylines.

Colman Domingo shared his sentiments regarding the series and his fellow cast. He also shared some amazing photos that Seth Komito took.

In true Mo Collins form, she shares a fun caption for the photo below “Excuse me!!! Does this flight land in Season 7?” Let’s hope we see much more of Sarah and a reunion with Wendell! Where the heck is he?

Karen David shared a hilarious video of Grace dancing with a full prego belly! She had much to say about this season and how precious Grace is to her.

Thank you all the cast and crew of Fear the Walking Dead for an outstanding season. Filming for the seventh season of Fear the Walking Dead began in April 2021, and it will be interesting to see what happens next.