Walking Dead fans: Duane Charles Manwiller’s IG is worth the follow

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

Fans of any series love to see some BTS photos to glimpse what life is like off-camera for the cast and crew. Director of Photography for The Walking Dead, Duane Charles Manwiller, takes amazing photos of action BTS and shares them on his IG feed. If you aren’t following him and love TWD, follow him now. You can thank me later.

You’ve probably seen an amazing shot of Alexandria that has recently been circulated on social media. That is one of the many outstanding shots Manwiller has shared. (you can see it below). His page is full of Walking Dead photos but also shots of other projects he has worked on. Photos featuring John Wick, Hunger Games, Point Break, Oceans Eight, Baby Driver and much more.

There is also a cool video clip from a scene filming the Netflix series Daybreak.

Who is Duane Charles Manwiller?

Currently, Manwiller is the director of photography for The Walking Dead, but his resume extends far and wide in the industry. He has worked on all 4 of the Ocean’s films, John Wick (1 and 2), Red Dragon, Snatched, The Greatest Showman, The Crazies and so much more.

Manwiller is the person who gave us the sneak peek of Michonne (Danai Gurira) in a ‘what if” flashback for season 10. She is standing in front of Rick, who is on his knees. She is holding Lucille and the scene seems to be from Negan’s lineup in season 7. It was an amazing photo from an episode that won’t soon be forgotten as it was Gurira’s final episode.

Below is an amazing shot of Ex. Producer and SFX guru for The Walking Dead, Greg Nicotero, with a sea of walkers.

This photo is a bit creepy but very cool. The walker pictured is only half made up for his scene, and this photo captures him while he is vaping. It is a stranger, but amazing look at the FX used to create the walkers for the series.

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The Walking Dead is currently filming season 11, which will be the final for the series. Be sure to follow Manwiller’s IG, as he will most likely give us some amazing photos for the final season.

AMC will air the premiere of The Walking Dead on August 22. Until that time, there will be some amazing specials that will air up to the premiere date.