The Walking Dead: Will this be the end of Alexandria?

Kien Michael Spiller as Hershel, Lauren Cohan as Maggie-The Walking Dead_Season 10, Episode 22-Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC
Kien Michael Spiller as Hershel, Lauren Cohan as Maggie-The Walking Dead_Season 10, Episode 22-Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

AMC has released the official synopsis and some first look photos for season 11 of The Walking Dead. The photos show many of the favorite characters in new and interesting locations. The synopsis tells us Alexandria is hurting badly; what will this mean for the community?

Alexandria Safe-Zone was set up by the military soon after the outbreak. This was an upscale planned community that had solar power, cisterns and was designed for sustainability. Once the community was walled in, it served as a haven from the undead.

Fast forward to the current timeline in The Walking Dead, and Alexandria has undergone severe damage that is the aftermath of the Whisperers war. Beta and his horde tore through the community, destroying walls and crops and anything in their path.

Will Alexandria be abandoned on The Walking Dead?

It is common knowledge that season 11 of The Walking Dead will be the end of the series. What isn’t known is what direction the story will take.

In the most recent photo reveals for the first part of this season, we see Alden, Elijah, Cole, Maggie, Negan, Daryl, Dog, Father G. and some newcomers in a subway tunnel. Where is this? It has to be in a large city, but what has taken them to this location?

In the synopsis, we learn that due to the influx of residents to Alexandria and the destruction, food is scarce. The group featured in the subway tunnel photo could be on a mission to location food, but this seems to be overkill to send this highly skilled group on a food scavage run. I think there is something else going on.

Perhaps they are a rescue team for Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko and Princess who the Commonwealth is holding. If you aren’t familiar with the Commonwealth, it is a highly advanced group that has rebuilt itself into a functioning community. They have restored many amenities that haven’t been around since before the outbreak. It would make sense for the residents of Alexandria to relocate to the Commonwealth, but I don’t think it will be that easy.

It is interesting and fun to dissect the new information being released for this final season of the series. What are your thoughts?

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Be sure to watch each Thursday leading up to the premiere on August 22, as AMC will be releasing reveals for season 11. This will also include The Walking Dead: Origins mini-series that will consist of 4 episodes that will be an inside look into four characters from the series. Daryl’s Story – Thursday, July 15, Maggie’s Story – Thursday, July 22, Negan’s Story – Thursday, July 29 and Carol’s Story – Thursday, August 5.