The Walking Dead reveals artwork tributes to prior seasons

Image of a zombie, The Walking Dead 101 "Day's Gone Bye". The Walking Dead (2010). Photo credit: AMC/Gene Page
Image of a zombie, The Walking Dead 101 "Day's Gone Bye". The Walking Dead (2010). Photo credit: AMC/Gene Page /

The Walking Dead and AMC are generating quite the buzz leading up to the eleventh and final season of the series. With a series with the longevity that this show has, there is bound to be a lot of excitement leading up to the premiere.

The promotion 11 Weeks of Reveals until Season 11 is rolling out new photos, titles, and other season-specific features. The reveals will be released each Thursday leading up to the season premiere on August 22.

Additionally, a new limited mini-series, The Walking Dead: Origins, will begin airing on July 15. This series will consist of episodes that will take deeps dives into four characters in the series. Daryl, Maggie, Negan and Carol will each have their own episode centered around their character.

Daryl’s Story – Thursday, July 15

Maggie’s Story – Thursday, July 22

Negan’s Story – Thursday, July 29

Carol’s Story – Thursday, August 5

The Walking Dead artwork

AMC will also be releasing artwork each of the 11 weeks that will focus on each season of the series. So far, there have been 3  of the artwork pieces released. Fans can purchase the artwork at the TWDU shop.

The first artist, Alex Maleev, displayed artwork from season 1 with a comic book cover feel. It features Rick Grimes, Sherrif bag of guns on his shoulder, while he rides his horse into Atlanta. In the foreground, a crow picks at a decomposing corpse. It is a magnificent tribute to Rick Grimes and season one of The Walking Dead. You can view it here.

The season 2 piece of artwork comes from artist Will Sliney and colorist Dee Cunniffe. The piece shows three iconic season 2 scenes; walker Shane approaching Rick, the outstretched arms of the Well Walker and a smiling Glenn and Maggie on horseback as they ride to get supplies. You can view the season 2 piece here.

You can do a feature for the third season without including The Governor. Artist Kirk A. Etienne captures the prison, The Governor and his severed heads, as well as a horde of walkers to capture the essence of that season. You can view Etienne’s piece here. 

I will continue to add the pieces to this article as they are revealed.

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The Walking Dead will return for its final season on August 22 on AMC.