25 best cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (Photo by David McNeese/Getty Images for Amtrak)
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (Photo by David McNeese/Getty Images for Amtrak) /

Oklahoma City, OK

One study may have shown that Oklahoma itself doesn’t rank very high when it comes to this dangerous ordeal, but another indicates that Oklahoma City is one the best spots to occupy one’s time during the end of the world from zombies.

Cities are usually death traps, but it would seem that after Realtor.com assessed the booming metropolis’ zombie survival metrics, the numbers did not lie. Oklahoma City was ranked in the top five, making it a more ideal place to withstand the living dead than areas like New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas.

The city’s population density has a substantial amount of health workers, and the metropolis existing inside of an open-carry state that does not require adults to have a permit to do so absolutely has the above-average ability to stockpile plenty of necessary weapons needed to stop the cannibal corps uprising. They also have a solid amount of safe and panic rooms, adding to the many reasons they have the honor of being one of the best at dealing with zombie issues.

And if one is in the city and can’t make it to the safe haven of Wal Mart or a mall like in Dawn of the Dead, then they should make their way to the top of the Devon Energy Tower, which is the tallest building in Oklahoma City. It would be easy to fortify the stairwells and keep people safe from unwanted guests.