25 best cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse

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LYNCHBURG, VA (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
LYNCHBURG, VA (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) /

Lynchburg, VA

The state of Virginia may not bode well for people looking to survive the zombie apocalypse, according to a study conducted by CableTV.com, but that doesn’t mean every city within its limits is not well-suited to take on wave after wave of hostile cannibal corps forces. The town of Lynchburg just barely made it into the top ten for places ready for the undead.

The assessment determined that none of the cities in Virginia matched Lynchburg’s number of safe rooms, alternative energy sources like solar power, weapons, food security, and proper personnel to outlast any living corps problems that come their way. Excelling in containment, defensive capabilities, sources of food and water, and skilled individuals is what makes the independent city of the Commonwealth ready for the day Fear the Walking Dead is no longer just a TV show.

In the spirit of Halloween and because they are apparently big fans of The Walking Dead, Lynchburg consulted several local experts and professionals about how to avoid losing a World War Z level event. This includes a how-to on building an ideal survival team, identifying the undead, and a guide to surviving against insurmountable odds.

The leadership in Lynchburg has taken some solid steps toward prepping their citizens with a proper plan to withstand any zombie mayhem. It would seem the city in Virginia, along with everything else it has going for it, is more than prepared should the Night of the Living Dead become a reality.

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