25 best cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse

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Kansas City, MO

In Career Builder’s study regarding which cities have the best chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse, Kansas City, Missouri, ranked very high in specific categories, making them an ideal location to be when the end of the world hits.

Containment and defense become high priorities when flesh-eating cannibal corpses roam the streets looking to turn the next citizen they see into a meal, and apparently, Kansas City, Missouri, has some of the highest scores in these areas. Zombie invasions have to be dealt with quickly and severely, and that means making sure the city is well defended from the monsters that cannot be reasoned with and, above all else, contain the spread of the heinous virus.

The city didn’t fare very well when being scored for things like food and its effectiveness at finding a cure for the zombies’ disease. But it does make sense that if one doesn’t have to worry about security, they will, in theory, have much more time to be resourceful at other things, so there is a chance things would balance out in the end.

Kansas City doesn’t really strike one has a place to go to withstand hordes of undead corpses, but it would seem that they have what it takes to hold the evil at bay. The city’s high concentration of protective service occupations like police and military personnel will go a long way to enduring the dangers of a zombie apocalypse.