25 best cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse

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San Diego, California. (Photo by Araya Doheny/Getty Images) /

San Diego, CA

Places like San Bernardino County and Los Angeles aren’t built for zombies or the apocalypse they most assuredly come with, but California does have some safe havens that would do particularly well if a zombie invasion happens on their soil like San Diego.

The vibrant metropolis that is San Diego is a place many have visited, and some even call home, but how does it fare when rating its effectiveness at handling a dangerous outbreak resulting from the oncoming zombie apocalypse? Apparently quite well in terms of containment, defense, and the ability to discover the means to stop the spread of the virus at the cause of all the mayhem.

The home-place of Ron Burgundy is also home to Naval Base San Diego, the second largest ship base of the United States. This would be ideal as a place of operations and would greatly assist in getting people safely away from zombies a few miles off the coast. Aircraft carriers and large-scale boats can hold a lot of passengers, and while it wouldn’t be a long-term fix, it would at least allow people to plan things out.

The city is very easy to get around in, as any comic-con goer will vouch for, and speaking of the blessed event, anyone that’s ever been knows that security is very tight. The San Diego Convention Center, which is relatively close to the Naval Base, would be a magnificent sanctuary that is proven to keep hordes of fans in order which could easily be adapted to fortify survivors safely from the clutches of the undead.