Peter Luis Zimmerman partners with Asante Farid on PLZ Pictures project

Peter Luis Zimmerman. Photo by Kaci Pedersen
Peter Luis Zimmerman. Photo by Kaci Pedersen /

Walking Dead fans will remember the name Peter Luis Zimmerman as one of the Hilltop guards, Eduardo. Zimmerman was last seen in the episode “Wrath” from season 8. Showrunner Angela Kang has said Eduardo is still alive; maybe we will see him again someday. Since leaving the series, Zimmerman has kept very busy with acting, music and a new venture PLZ Pictures.

Something exciting is coming on July 21 from PLZ Pictures. Zimmerman has partnered with Asante Farid on a PLZ Pictures short film titled “Overlap.” I previewed the film, and let me say, you will not want to miss this one. The storyline, which is Farid’s storytelling debut, is an intriguing story that will have you glued to your screen for the entirety of the film.

Peter Luis Zimmerman
Peter Luis Zimmerman. Photo by Kaci Pedersen /

The camera work is visually stunning and even more impressive when you find out this is shot on an iPhone. The use of color and unique camera placement keeps the film fresh and interesting. You will most definitely want to subscribe to the PLZ Pictures YouTube page, so don’t miss out on the debut of “Overlap” and all the upcoming projects.

Peter Luis Zimmerman and Asante Farid short film Overlap

In “Overlap,” Zimmerman plays the main character, Christian, and you will see Farid towards the end of the film as he has a conversation with Christian. The story is a relatable tale about a man going about his regular day when something unexpected happens, drastically altering his life. As you view the film, your senses and emotions will be heightened as you anticipate what will happen next. The duo couldn’t have made the film happen without the help of Kaleb Faison, Victoria Zimmerman and Craig Williams.

Peter Luis Zimmerman. Photo by Kaci Pedersen
Peter Luis Zimmerman. Photo by Kaci Pedersen /

Zimmerman had this to say about “Overlap.”

"This project was a lot of fun and a great learning experience as well. There is so much that goes into filmmaking and it really made me appreciate all of the people on a crew who help the machine run. On camera is somewhere I’ve been comfortable for a while now, but behind the camera is an area I’m starting to love and am yearning to keep getting better at. I can’t wait to start on the next one and collaborate with more passionate people very soon"

Asante Farid
Asante Farid /

Farid had this to say about his storytelling debut in “Overlap.”

"Everyone loves a good story. I’m thrilled to continue to tell unique stories that give the viewer a lasting experience, and something to new think about. Overlap presented a wonderful opportunity to work with a talented group on an incredible story of how thin the line is between life and death. Being able to work on every inch of the project, from building an immersive sound to shooting nuanced camera angles in the pouring rain, was an amazing debut experience that I learned so much from. I hope the viewers see the potential of what we created at this stage, and are as excited as I am for what’s to come next. I’m very grateful for the time everyone gives to check out the film."

You should definitely check out Zimmerman’s music. A year ago, his album ARTiFAXTS was released. You can take a listen here.  Farid and Zimmerman collaborated on the single “Perfect,” be sure and give this one a listen.

You can see Zimmerman in Parental Guidance, Bigger, Sistas, Cooking up Christmas, and you will also see him in the new movie Jungle Cruise. This film will be released on July 30, and Zimmerman shared with me that he will play an Amazon warrior, and he will look much different in this role than we have previously seen him. Watch for photos on his IG closer to the release date of the film. He has also shot his first National commercial which should be airing this fall, but he is unable to disclose the brand.

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