Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s son behind the camera for Walking Dead Origins

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 11 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 11 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan has shown himself to be an ultimate family man. His social media posts and those of his wife, Hilarie Burton Morgan, give fans a peek into their lives. The majority of their posts are centered around their beautiful family.

This year, The Walking Dead has truly become a family affair for the Morgans as Burton Morgan starred in an episode, and their son will be a walker in episode 5 of season 11. Morgan shared another great milestone in his son’s life this week. During the filming of Negan’s origin story, Gusy Dean stepped behind the camera to help shoot that episode.

In April, Morgan shared the photo below on his IG page with his son in full walker makeup. A proud moment for any parent as they not only get to work with their child but get to see them fulfill a dream.

During the filming of the 10c episode “Here’s Negan,” the Morgans lived in Rick Grimes’ home in Alexandria. This kept them all safe as they were filming during a pandemic. Burton Morgan shared photos of the family walking through the empty Alexandrian streets, commenting that it really felt like they lived in an apocalypse.

Recently Morgan shared BTS photos of the filming of “Negan’s Story” in The Walking Dead: Origins.  You can see his son working behind the camera as his father narrates the episode.

The Morgan’s give their fans an intimate look into their lives by sharing the fun they have on their farm in upstate New York called Mischief Farm and many other moments in their lives. Fans feel a connection with this family as we watch their children grow and share in their achievements.

What happens to Negan in The Walking Dead season 11?

When we last saw Negan in the bonus episode “Here’s Negan,” he gave Maggie a wicked grin that left fans with many questions. In that episode, Carol (Melissa McBride) tried to exile Negan because of the tension in the community upon the return of Maggie (Lauren Cohan). After going through a major emotional experience in the cabin that Carol set up for him, Negan returned to Alexandria. Carol made it clear that returning could seal his fate as Maggie may very well kill him. She said her conscience was now clean as she tried to do the right thing, and Negan understood.

In the synopsis for “Acheron Part 1,” we learn that Maggie will share her story, presumably about the Reapers, which leads to “a mission for survival that only Negan can lead.” What does that mean? Are they using him as bait? Or perhaps his previous leadership skills with the Saviors will help them deal with the new threat of the Reapers?

From the sneak peeks and teasers we have seen, the Reapers are a ruthless group. Maggie shared a bit about this group and their killing of people in her last village. And, we will get to hear more in the first episode of season 11. Will Negan be able to lead the mission successfully?

Another scene in the teaser shows Maggie with a gun pointed at Negan. Will she end him? This season will bring about many emotions and, most assuredly, some deaths we aren’t ready to face.

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The Walking Dead season 11 returns to AMC on August 22 and AMC+ on August 15. The final season will be released in three parts, each consisting of 8 episodes. The beginning of this season looks to be very dark and mysterious.

The Walking Dead: Origins returns August 5 with “Carol’s Story” on AMC+.