The Walking Dead season 11 reveal, Negan sneak peek and more

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 11 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 11 - Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

As the time draws nearer to the season 11 premiere of The Walking Dead, the reality of the final season hits home. Fans have enjoyed the sneak peeks and reveals that AMC has been giving for this final season. This season will be released in three parts consisting of eight episodes each. Part one will release on AMC on August 22 and be available to stream one week earlier on AMC+.

“Acheron: Part 1” is the first episode of season 11, and the synopsis for this episode tells us that things are bleak. Alexandria needs to be rebuilt, and with the influx of new residents from Hilltop and Maggie and her group, the Wardens, food stores are empty. The first episode will see a group return from a food run that wasn’t as successful as hoped. This prompts Maggie to reveal a new plan that could end up being a suicide mission.

In the recent series The Walking Dead: Origins, we have seen Daryl, Maggie and Negan’s stories. The stories have been accompanied by a short clip of their involvement in what looks like a dangerous supply run.

Below is this week’s sneak peek with a focus on Negan.

Neither Daryl nor Gabriel seem too keen on Negan’s involvement in this mission. On AMC’s website, a line in the synopsis stands out to me. “Maggie tells her story, prompting a new mission for survival that only Negan can lead.” What would be something only Negan could lead?

The Walking Dead season 11 reveal

Today’s reveal is another video showing a little bit more regarding the status of the captives at the Commonwealth. When Eugene asks what happens if they don’t pass the inspection, a clip of Mercer (Michael James Shaw) flashes and then Eugene is thrown on the ground by some Commonwealth soldiers.

We also hear a bit more about the Reapers from Maggie. This group is stealth-like and will be a difficult group to come up against.

We also get first look photos at the Commonwealth characters Lance Hornsby (Josh Hamilton) and Pamela Milton (Laila Robins). Milton is the Governor and Hornsby is her Deputy Governor. In the comics, these two believe in keeping a class system in society. It will be interesting to see if this carries into the series. We have yet to hear any casting news for Milton’s son Sebastian so hopefully, that comes soon!

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The Walking Dead season 11 will premiere on AMC on August 22. AMC+ subscribers will be able to stream this episode on August 15.

Season 10 is now available on BluRay and DVD and available to stream on Netflix.