The Walking Dead: Daryl, Dog and a creepy subway tunnel

Dog - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, episode 18 - Photo Credit: Eli Ade/AMC
Dog - The Walking Dead _ Season 10, episode 18 - Photo Credit: Eli Ade/AMC /

AMC has released first look photos, episode titles, and some short teaser clips as reveals to the final season of The Walking Dead. Many have complained that these little bits aren’t enough but forget that the official trailer will be released at SDCC at Home on July 24. 

These reveals are little morsels to get fans hyped for the premiere of season 11 of the series. As with all previous seasons, the first looks and teasers are just that, teasers of what’s to come. The fandom has high hopes regarding this final season as there were many loose ends left at the end of season 10 and multiple series and movies in the future that will most likely pick up where this series leaves off.

Major threats going into this season will be the Reapers, who we were introduced to in “Home Sweet Home” in season 10c. This group has terrorized Maggie and her Wardens, killing many of their group. They appear to be a formidable group that is quite vicious in nature.

Another possible threat is the Commonwealth. In the comics, the Commonwealth is an advanced community with over 50,000 survivors in residence. From what we saw in “Splinter” so far, this new group hasn’t been the most welcoming to the captured members of our group. Eugene set up a meeting with Stephanie via his radio, and then Eugene, along with Ezekiel, Yumiko and Princess, were all captured and interrogated by the Commonwealth soldiers. They didn’t seem to be very welcoming.

The above threats are compounded by the fact the Alexandria is currently in a weakened state from the aftermath of the Whisperer War. The community is also overrun with residents as people from the Kingdom and Hilltop have had to take shelter there. Food is scarce, and part 1 of season 11 looks as though food supply runs will play a huge role.

Daryl Dixon and Dog season 11 The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead _ Season 11 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC
Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead _ Season 11 – Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC /

Daryl Dixon and Dog are a duo that many fans love. Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, has always made it known that he has begged for Daryl to have a dog in the series. When the first look at Dog appeared, fans were ecstatic that Daryl would finally get his pet.

In the synopsis for 1102, “Acheron: Part II,” we learn that Daryl is on a search for Dog, who has gone missing, and fans are worried about the pooch’s fate. In the most recent sneak peek, “It Comes for Us  All,” we see Daryl and Dog in an interesting situation.

The scene is very dark as we find Daryl and Dog walking in the subway tunnel that has been featured in the season 11 first look photos. As he searches, he sees signs that people lived in this tunnel. There is a ukelele, milk crates stack and used as shelves, blankets, clothing and many other items that have been left behind.

One wall has the words “It comes for us all” painted across it.  Below those words, he comes across a disturbing scene. The remains of a man sitting with his back against the wall, which has now decomposed quite a bit, but you can still see where a bullet to the front of his head is what killed him. As Daryl’s flashlight continues to scan the area, we see the man is missing an arm, and a closer look shows the arm still handcuffed to a briefcase that contains the large sum of cash he was protecting or perhaps delivering. Most likely, this makes Daryl recall the time that his brother Merle was handcuffed to the roof in Atlanta and chose to saw off his own hand rather than die on the rooftop.

Something on the opposite wall catches Daryl’s attention. He shines his flashlight to take a closer look. The wall is painted with graffiti depicting a burning capital building, many people fighting, a family of three and other people doing various things. Many of those people are wearing crowns. The words TRUTH LIES is front and center of the mural. Once again, his attention is drawn up higher to the family of three, a mother, father and young girl, all wearing crowns. Does this make him think of Rick, Michonne and little Judith? (that is where my mind went during my first viewing) As his flashlight pans down, the words “Your crown for your life” are painted next to three people wearing crowns holding signs asking for food.

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The crowns seem to be important as many are wearing them and the words “Your crown for your life.” The viewer is unsure if these tunnels are related to either the Reapers or the Commonwealth, but things don’t look good whatever the situation turns out to be.

Find out more when The Walking Dead returns with its eleventh and final season on AMC on August 22. The season premiere episode will be available to stream on AMC+ on August 15.