Create your own apocalyptic world at home with these zombie Chia Pets


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Whether you feel like the world is already as dystopian as The Walking Dead or want to become a gardener, you can try it out with these zombie Chia Pets now available on Amazon.

These plants use Chia seeds and are one of the easiest things to grow. In just one to two weeks, you’ll be able to see little green sprouts cropping up. These zombie planters combined with the Chia plants create an eerie landscape to feature in your home. There are three creepy zombie planters available to choose from. Watch as Lifeless Lisa’s hair grows into a luscious garden. Get the shivers as a restless arm reaching out from your bed of greenery. Stand in terror as a walker is dragging its body across your plants to eat your brains.

Zombie chia pets on Amazon

Discover Joseph Enterprises Inc. zombie Chia Pet on Amazon.
Discover Joseph Enterprises Inc. zombie Chia Pet on Amazon. /

Each planter comes with a plastic drip tray for water, a six-step instruction manual, and three packets of Chia seeds so you can use replant them over and over. Place one in each room in your house or all together as an apocalyptic decoration.

Check out these three zombie Chia Pets now available on Amazon, and start creating your version of The Walking Dead at home. If you’re looking for other ways to pay homage to the over-decade-running show, try your luck with these card and board games that will hopefully keep you entertained while your chia seeds grow in your zombie planters.

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